Dealing With Challenges


You hold the power. Remember that. When life hands you a challenge you can allow it to make you stronger, to grow and transform. On the other hand you can […]


Power vs. Domination Power vs. Force Power vs. Control Power vs. Bullying Power is an interesting thing. I think we need to redefine power. I think power is misunderstood. I […]

Be Limitless!

Define yourself or be undefinable! Don’t accept limited proclamations of who or what you are! Discover your limitlessness. Realize that someone else’s opinion about you, good or bad, positive or […]

More on Letting Go of Judgment

I was noticing that even in our spiritual community there is a lot of gossip and judgment. Gossip is when you are talking about someone in judgment, not in observation. I also […]

Letting Go of Judgment

So how do we let go of judgment? First, and most importantly, start to focus on yourself. Focus on what you like about yourself and what qualities you have that […]