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About Us

Michigan’s Top Holistic Healing Center

The Ascension Healing Arts Center is dedicated to helping people heal on all levels-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our highly-skilled healers only use natural medicine and holistic techniques. We have on-site experts who provide healing services that include energy healing, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, reiki, yoga, psychic readings, energy healings, astrology readings, and more. In addition to their unique skills and abilities, all staff members specialize in ascension healing.

The Ascension Healing Art Center in Southfield, Michigan, was founded by Donna Lakes. Donna has been psychic since birth,  an intuitive healer for over 25 years, and has taught intuitive development for 21 years. She has been teaching ascension and inner child healing for 16 years, while also teaching Reiki for 21 years. Donna has very successful graduate students who practice and serve in the intuitive and healing arts across Michigan and the United States. Former ascension healing students describe Donna’s classes as “educational, life-changing, and a lot of fun.

Ascension Healing Arts Center

Begin Healing Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually

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Why Work With Ascension Healing Arts Center

Studies proved people who work for themselves, doing what they love are happier, less stressed and the money comes.  Working for someone else means less money. At Ascension, we have created a very unique culture. You will experience a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. Experience the privacy you desire for yourself and your clients. Set your own hours and prices. We will provide you with the support tools you need that will allow you to have the freedom of being independent and your own boss. We will also add you to our website and social media sites with all of your modalities and a link to our website, enabling people to book you for your services.

We will announce you to all of our members and clients in our newsletter, and more!
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