One of the more famous prayers states “Give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change”. Acceptance is a very important factor to finding peace within, as well as, without. As I have worked towards peace within my life and my heart, and as I have channeled advice for so many people I have learned a few things I’d like to share. Acceptance is part of the ascension process. We must learn to accept others within their limitations, and accept that they do not do things purposely to hurt us (most of the time). They are just operating from their limitations, their fears, and wounding. We need to realize this and not take things personally. We must accept them and love them unconditionally. Now if they are toxic we may need to learn to accept them but set them free from our lives. Whether or not we decide to keep them in our lives and create boundaries that make us feel safe or set them free, either way we have to accept the circumstances and them and their limitations. I accept you but I don’t accept your behavior towards me so then creating boundaries or I accept and I wish the best for you but you are not a healthy person for me to have in my life. Either way is ok and it is your choice. Acceptance can set you free! Some people we have to love from afar and that is all good!