Now there is also acceptance of situations. When something does not go the way we had hoped we do have choice in most instances. Most of us are not trained to see choice. Most of us see road blocks and we give up in defeat. But I challenge you. Look beyond the limitations of a situation, there are always many choices, unlimited possibilities. Just open your mind to creativity, do not accept no as an answer, keep pushing toward what you want. If you try something and you do not succeed then try it again from a slightly different angle. If you try something and you don’t like the result, then change it! There is always choice, just open up to choice. If there is no choice and you must accept, like in the instance of death or a relationship being over, well then we must accept. Although after we accept and then we mourn there is still a place for choice.

There is choice in our attitude. We can choose to get caught up in the tragedy of the situation and stay stuck there or we can be grateful that we had that person in our lives and celebrate them, appreciate them and all they taught us; the hard lessons, as well as, the inspirations they brought to us. We can utilize those lessons and inspiration throughout our lives, and give thanks for their souls touching ours. This is possible even if the person was someone we struggled with. There is always something good to take away. There is always a blessing if we allow ourselves to see it!
In short, if you don’t like a situation, change it, if you can’t change it accept it, and walk away with whatever blessing you can!