Anxiety is often caused by fear and worry. I have touched on how it can be caused by metaphysical energetic problems in previous bogs, but it is often caused by past trauma or current stressors as well.

Anxiety and Depression are also often caused from one not living in alignment with oneself. Maybe your job or career is not in alignment or maybe a relationship is not in alignment with you. It could also be a belief that you are holding on to that could be creating Anxiety and/or Depression.

There are physiological reasons for Anxiety and Depression as well. The most common are problems with the functioning of your thyroid and/or adrenal glands. Other common physiological causes are hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), anemia (low iron), yeast overgrowth (also called Candida) and many more.

Now since our beliefs and thoughts create our physical experiences and it all comes down to vibration, it is necessary to not only check your physical health but to also check into your emotional and mental, as well as, your spiritual.

Are you feeding your soul? Are you in alignment with your values and experiences in all areas of your life? What are your core beliefs about yourself, life, and how you relate to life and the people around you? What is your attitude towards yourself, your career, your partner, family, friends, etc.?
Take a deep look and make changes where changes need to take place to create happiness and peace in your heart, mind, and soul. Question your lifestyle and work towards pacing yourself, relaxing and trusting in life to support you. Work to create the perfect balance for you. It is different for everyone. But for the most part we need to let go and learn to live without so much stress and hustle and bustle. We also need to look at our nutrition and educate ourselves about food and its effects on our health. In my opinion we must get back to whole food, good fashioned simple food, and stop messing with the food and processing it. This will help our overall health tremendously!

If you have Anxiety and Depression you may want to follow this checklist or ask these questions.
1. Am I emphatic?
2. Am I stressed, a worrier, do I live with a lot of fear?
3. Am I in alignment with myself in my career? My relationships? My way of life?
4. Get a check up with a Doctor that does Integrative Medicine
5. How is my diet? Caffeine, sugar, drugs, alcohol? Try and eat more protein, less cards, and more whole foods
6. Do I need grounding?
7. Do I need more exercise?
8. Do I need relaxation techniques? Breath work, mantras, stretching, massage, meditation, yoga
9. Do I need a life coach, counseling, or healing?

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