So lately, what keeps coming up is allowing. Allowing is a feminine energy quality, and it is a way of being. We are so used to making things happen. Force. The old dynamics of which this world we have lived in for thousands, or more years, has been based on what I call false power. False power is what bullies use to dominate over someone. Make someone feel less and you steal their power. Now mind you, no one can have domination or authority over you unless you allow it! We all allow this from time to time, whether it’s a lover, a friend, a boss, co-worker or even a teacher. So why is it so easy to allow things like this to take place and yet so hard to allow someone to take care of us or give to us? Why is it so hard to just let the universe flow to us what we desire or need? Or allow healing to take place. It’s hard because with allowing there must be trust, and with trust there must be surrender. Once we surrender we can then allow. Trust coupled with surrender and followed by allowing is called faith. It’s all about stepping into the feminine energy. This is essential for existing in the new paradigm or this new age.

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