Define yourself or be undefinable!

Don’t accept limited proclamations of who or what you are! Discover your limitlessness. Realize that someone else’s opinion about you, good or bad, positive or negative, doesn’t really matter. What matters is what you believe about you, for this becomes your reality. So change your mind. Disprove the old beliefs about yourself and be whom it is you want to be. Continue to redefine and believe differently. Limitless is who and what you are! You have unlimited potential! You can be whom or whatever you believe yourself to be. Always remember that someone else’s actions or reactions towards you does not define you. They are merely a limited projection. There is no need to accept those projections. It’s what you believe about you that counts. Most often other peoples perceptions of you are based on the stories within them that you have triggered. It’s all an illusion, choose your beliefs consciously and clear out the subconscious beliefs and you will be in your power. Your God/Goddess given power. You are powerful and you are limitless! Believe.

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