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Benefits of Yoga

Hello, my name is Samantha and this is my first blog! I am passionate about many things, but my new found passion that is unexpected is Yoga!! I decided very last minute to sign up for yoga teacher training in January and as of April I am now a certified yoga instructor. I joined to learn and have a better understating for guided meditation. In the process fell in love with Yoga! If you are like me and you kinda liked yoga and had never found a studio where you felt that you belonged or just had a bad experience?!? Let me tell you my first experience it was like 95 degrees in there and right away I hurt myself with the breathing!! My friend had taken me to this class and it was a little more advanced. I knew nothing about yoga poses or much about yoga period!! So first forward fold I hurt my rib or lung not quite sure, but it took a month or two to recover. So needless to say I didn’t go back or attempt yoga for a year or two later.

So my Aunt bugged me to do this yoga teacher training with her and mind you I have been to maybe 10 classes total before the training. The reason I was considering doing the training was because of the teacher!! Joseph was the first yoga teacher to ever peak my interest in yoga and who actually was so calming that he made me feel confident in my practice. Sounds weird I know, but while I am freaking out inside, because he’s talking about having us do headstands. I was like what, I can barely do these poses let alone stand on my head!!! He was so relaxed and confident that I was capable of doing a headstand that he relaxed me and gave me hope that I could possibly do this! So can you believe it with his help I was up on a headstand and I stayed for quite awhile. He did have to help me to get down, but I have to say that I felt so amazing after words. Not only because I did it, it also feels amazing to be in this position.

Yoga is so amazing for you in all aspects of your life!! It’s wonderful for the body, mind and soul!! It helps to clear the mind, stretch and exercise the body. The soul benefits, because you are releasing physical and emotional tension-anxiety. The more you practice the better you feel overall. Not only am I stronger, I have great balance, and the body aches that I had are gone. Many issues that I had been struggling with in my life, yoga made me face them in a healthy way! If you have depression or major anxiety, Yoga can help you look inside yourself and help you to find inner peace!! No excuses, yoga is for everyone. Do you have ailments of the body, arthritis, any auto immune disease, bad back, bad hips, bad neck?!? Yoga will help you with all of these ailments and so much more. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is a spiritual practice. A way of life! I have never felt more in tune with myself in all aspects of my life!! I am a energy healer as well and I have to say that adding yoga to my life has brought everything full circle. All my clients can see a difference in me and I am so grateful!!! So if you have been wanting to try Yoga please do! I hope this blog inspires at least one person to invest in themselves and change your life.

Sending everyone, love, light, peace and compassion!! Namaste (I bow to you)

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