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Flower Moon

Scorpions are nocturnal and respond negatively to light, so they dig and burrow to survive. They are equipped with venom but would prefer to use brute force in an attack. They have been around for hundreds of millions of years and have always looked pretty scary. Having the symbol of a scorpion attached to their…

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Happy New Year

Happy Holidays

For some the holidays can be intimidating dealing with toxic family members or discord within the family. I challenge you to have joy this year when you celebrate the holidays and be grateful for those people who challenge you. See it as an opportunity for you to grow. Figure out what your boundaries are and apply…

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Intuitive Development

[html tag_button_style="button-133"] Intuitive Development When: June 5, 2016 Where: Donna's House, 721 W. Saratoga, Ferndale, MI Time: 12pm - 3pm (New Students) 1pm - 3pm (Returning Students) Cost: $75.00 (New Students) $50.00 (Returning Students) In this class we will work on opening up your spiritual senses! This is an ongoing monthly class. The more classes you attend, the faster your skills will…

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What is Power?

Power is confidence. Power is intuition and being able to trust life and yourself. It is flexibility, faith, and allowing. It is surrender, open to failure, risk taking, and going with the flow. It is choice. Power is creating. Power is knowing when to let go and being brave enough to let go. Power is…

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Power vs. Domination Power vs. Force Power vs. Control Power vs. Bullying Power is an interesting thing. I think we need to redefine power. I think power is misunderstood. I feel that a huge lesson we are having as a collective is learning about how to be in our power and how to avoid and stop giving away our power.…

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Be Limitless!

Define yourself or be undefinable! Don't accept limited proclamations of who or what you are! Discover your limitlessness. Realize that someone else's opinion about you, good or bad, positive or negative, doesn't really matter. What matters is what you believe about you, for this becomes your reality. So change your mind. Disprove the old beliefs about…

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