One of the main reasons people come to see me is anxiety and depression. One of the main causes is emphatic abilities. What is an empath? An empath is someone who feels other peoples feelings as if they are their own. To empathize is to put yourself in someone else’s place, to imagine as if whatever is happening for someone, what it would be like and how it would feel if it were happening to them. People who are emphatic typically feel responsible for other peoples situations, issues, and feelings. They may also feel responsible for the worlds sorrows and issues. They may have “save the world” syndrome. Doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, counselors, and people in the healing arts often have this syndrome our at the very least are empathic. Empaths are typically very sensitive to energies and influences by the energies that surround them. The energy of other people, places, situations, the energy of music, a TV show, electrical energies, etc. It can be crippling for them. Some empaths become what we call agoraphobic, meaning they cannot leave their own homes. My Tree Meditation is very helpful for empaths. It can save their lives. I recommend my Managing Your Energy class for empaths. A #1 rule for empaths: DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR OTHER PEOPLE!

Empaths need to find ways to ground their energy like regular exercise, the Tree Meditation (available on my website), gardening, etc. There are also grounding poses in yoga and specific grounding exercises in Chi Qigong Jai Chi. They also need to pull their energy in and strengthen it. They are usually like ungrounded live wires surging sporadic energy.
The next post will include other causes or anxiety or depression and things that can help.