Creating a new relationship with yourself is part of the ascension process. We must all learn to accept ourselves, approve of ourselves and ultimately forgive ourselves for neglecting or being hard on ourselves, or letting others take advantage, etc. We must learn to love ourselves.

For some of us, we are disassociated from ourselves and repress our emotions. Many have been taught that feeling and expressing are weaknesses or that crying is weak, when in fact what creates weakness is avoiding ourselves or our feelings. It takes a lot more strength to process feelings and emotions than it does to avoid them. Avoiding them drains you and creates clogged energy and baggage. It is much healthier and courageous to allow ourselves to process and release. Crying is releasing and releasing cleanses our energy. Now we don’t want to get stuck in the energy of feeling sorry for ourselves, for that creates the victim mentality which then leads to surrendering our power. Healthy expression and anger release techniques or crying can be very liberating.

It’s safe to express but remember to always take responsibility for your own feelings and emotions, as well as, your own situations. For blame also surrenders your power. If it’s someone else’s fault, then we have no power to change things. How we react to people’s actions or respond to situations is based off our own beliefs and emotional triggers based off those beliefs and taken from past experiences. How we react to someone or how they react to us is always about ourselves and never about them. How someone treats you is about them- it’s not personal. It’s a reflection of what’s going on for them and not any reflection of you. And that goes both ways. You are only responsible for you- your feelings, your situations, your issues. Only you hold the power to change things for you and is not ever dependent on anyone else. Always bring the focus back to you, not in a self-criticizing or self-blaming way. It’s never about blame, it’s about knowing and understanding yourself and taking responsibility for yourself. It’s about self-connection and learning to look within for your happiness and to fulfill your needs, wants, and desires. It’s about you, and only you.

Anger Release Techniques:

Once you release then start to try to understand the situation or talk things through or journal to counsel yourself a new perspective. Emotions and feelings have a purpose- they teach us our triggers, they signify we need a boundary to be put into place. We learn it’s not ever personal. They teach us as we grow to understand our subconscious beliefs and our triggers, we can work past them, release them, and move into emotional maturity. We evolve, we ascend.

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