You hold the power. Remember that. When life hands you a challenge you can allow it to make you stronger, to grow and transform. On the other hand you can let it break you and bring you down. The key is in how you perceive the challenge. Do you see it as an opportunity, are you open to what it has to offer? Or do you hand your power over to it and see only the negative? With all things in life there is death and rebirth, this is life.

Where is your focus? Is your focus on loss and lack, or is it on where the opportunity for growth exists? What and where is the gift? What are the new seeds planted in this loss? Even if you cannot see the seeds, for they are still in the soil waiting for their time to sprout, you must have faith that the gifts will reveal themselves when it is time.

Mourning is important as well, but we need not allow the mourning to create stagnant energy. We need not continue to hold ourselves in the energy of loss and grief. Even when one must experience the death of someone near to them there are gifts from the event, new seeds to nurture. One should be happy for their soul, it has moved forward! Celebrate their journey, their new life in the afterlife. Do not dwell in your own pain. Feel it and then release it. Allow it to create growth for your soul. In life there is death and loss, whether it’s a job, time, person or place, but life is ever changing with heaps of opportunity if you remain open to them. Be open always to the ever changing flow of life. Life is opportunity. Challenge is opportunity. Allow yourself to grow and transform from lifes challenges!

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