Good day everyone.

We’ve all had those people in our life, whether we realize it or not, that aren’t healthy for us. I want to discuss how to handle these toxic people. Truthfully, once you realize someone is toxic you cannot take them seriously. Do not take things personally. Thankfully there are several ways to handle these people.

Your first option is to speak up, call these individuals out on their behavior. Let them know just how it is that they make you feel when they behave in certain ways. Know that in doing this it is more for you and not them. If they choose not to listen and shut you out try writing them a letter. Some people respond to this kind of communication better. Again, in doing this it is more for you as opposed to them. At this point they will either hear you and make an attempt to reflect and work on themselves and their relationship with you, or they won’t. Stand your ground, tell them what is acceptable and what is not.

Boundaries play an important role in any relationship, and in this kind of situation they may need to be defined or redefined. Set clear boundaries with this person and stick to them. If you need help understanding boundaries get a book, seek the help of a healer or counselor, help can also be found in support groups.

If you find that the person is too toxic limit your exposure to them. Sometimes it’s even necessary to end the relationship all together. Not only is it ok to shed the toxic people from your life but it’s healthy for you, and potentially them if they use the experience to reflect upon themselves. You can still love and accept them, from a distance though. In releasing them from your energy it will be one of the most respectful and loving things you can do for yourself.

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