Happy May Everyone!  Well I am sure it’s going to start to warm up now! ?

So, in April I have seen a lot of people awakening and being called toward their ascension process via entering the “dark night of the soul.” See my blog for more about this. When we enter the dark night, we lose all sense of who we are, and we experience the death of the ego. This is when we experience the release of dysfunctions that we associate with our identity. We also seem to go into not feeling good enough or worthy. Because our worth was based on a false sense of worth. For example, I am better than others because I can do this…We may also feel like we are not valuable and may feel lost and alone.

The death of the ego is the time of becoming conscious in where you realize you have certain perceived thoughts of who you are. You are what you believe. You begin to realize we have a choice in what you choose to believe you are. You start to question am I this? Am I that? Am I social? Am I defensive? Am I too giving? Am I as wonderful or horrible as I believe I am? Do I have to be this? I don’t want to be like this anymore, it no longer serves me. Or you may struggle with attachment to a dysfunction that once served you but no longer does. It’s a letting go of who you thought you were based on the collective consciousness or patterns and beliefs you took on from your community or family, or caused by experiences you misperceived! It’s a letting go of old paradigm identity- an identity based on lower or higher ego- black and white, good or bad. The lower ego is I’m less than because I am this…Higher ego is I am better than because I am this…The truth is no one is less than or better than another. We are all equal and as your ego, your judgement of self and others begins to die off, you then become unattached to whom you thought you were or had to be. To whom you thought you were or had to be to survive your story. You realize it’s all just a story and that in truth we are all one connected spirit, we are not separate and that we are far much simpler yet amazing. Once we grieve the loss of who we thought we were and let go of the illusion of our dysfunction and our way of functioning and our ideas of who we are.

Once we let go of that web of false created reality and the false security it gave us, we start to find peace. But first we go through this walking on coals and into the void. We start to become light and realize there is power in just being and that we create and can recreate in this reality. But who we are is God/Goddess. We are the Divine! We are each unique extensions of God/Goddess. We are light. We are energy. We are life in itself, ever expansive and ever existing. And then we finally feel free.

As we let go of our ego and false identity we must retrain our brains and heal our hearts. We will need to forgive ourselves and others. We then can learn to accept and love ourselves and finally step into our power, which is freedom. The ability to be and to consciously create verses subconsciously create. Fear not the darkness for it is in service to the light! It can bring you into your truth. We all must face our darkness, this is a beautiful part of the journey so enjoy and take comfort that one day you will know who you are again. You will know your truth. You will know your divine self.

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