Written by:
Kelly Church
For more than two decades, Donna Lakes has been improving the lives and well-being of her clients through her abilities as a healer, life coach, and guidance in spirituality and ascension. Lakes is based in Royal Oak, MI, but works with clients all over the country digitally to help them on their journey towards self-empowerment, realization and love. Her work focuses on all aspects of life: emotion, mentality, spirituality and physical.

Clients all over the country can request appointments with Lakes. Long distance clients can enjoy their appointments via phone calls or Skype sessions. On their first appointment, Lakes says she gathers information about the client from their energy field and his or her situation. She identifies “blocks” in her clients’ pathways, and sometimes begins the healing process during the first session. She can even perform her energy treatments from afar, over the phone.

“When it comes to pain, energy healing can take care of that many times, even if it is long distance,” Lakes says. “There is always a mental and emotional, and sometimes spiritual, cause for all illness and injury. When you address that along with the physical, true healing occurs…The key is to approach all aspects of the being: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.”

Lakes cites her work with a physician in California. He sometimes will send Lakes a text saying his back is in pain and requesting she send energy to make him feel better. During their full sessions, they work together on the mental and emotional aspects of his back pain, and she says he is improving.

Lakes also hosts workshops both in person, over the phone and via Skype so her clients can benefit from her services anywhere. All workshops come with a written manual, a copy of the audio recording of the workshop and an opportunity for group healing. Lakes workshop topics have included Lifting Your Vibration and Managing Your Energy; Forgiveness; Intuitive Development; and more.

“They are all based on ascension, and creating a better relationship with yourself and the universe, as well as with other people,” Lakes says. “It is all about evolving the soul, and self-healing and development.”

Lakes ending up in this profession was the result of a lifetime of circumstances. She grew up in a religious household, studied health and fitness management in school, and always felt close with God and had the psychic abilities. She once was a patient herself, which she says taught her a lot. Her former psychologist guided her towards a lot of reading that ultimately helped her as a client and as a business owner. It was in the same office that she met a Reiki teacher, a form of healing based on the belief that healers can channel energy to their patients.

After an accident left her in need of physical therapy, she learned about bodywork and how to heal the body physically. She then turned to massage school, learning from a teacher who also believed in energy therapy and passed that knowledge onto Lakes.

“As I worked on people [through massage], psychic information started to come through and it all evolved from there,” Lakes says. “Spirit taught me everything else. So I feel it was a very natural path and that I was completely guided towards my career.”