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New Way of Being Virtual Retreat

January 15 - January 20

Come and join us for this “New Way of Being” Virtual Retreat. Everyday, there will be a Chakra meditation and in the evenings an offering or two by one of our Holistic Practitioners. Learn how to “Ground Yourself”, “Love Yourself”, “Heal Yourself”, “Breathe”, “How To Surrender Yourself” and so much more. You won’t want to miss any of this.

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Day 1 – Thursday, January 14th
11am: 1st Chakra Meditation “Grounding” by Dani Lambert

6pm: “Grounding” by Donna M. Lakes
Grounding is something “Modern day Life” has robbed us of. Donna will speak to it’s ignorance, the benefits of being grounded and how to ground. She will teach you signs and symptoms of being ungrounded and several ways to achieve being grounded. When one is grounded, life becomes much more relaxed and easy.

7pm: “How To Surrender” by Brian M. Truskowski
Surrendering may feel like a scary idea, however counter to ego and thought, surrendering actually creates freedom. In this discussion, we will go over a ways this is true, and I will introduce to you a new perspective on surrender. This will be an interactive class, so please bring questions if you have them!

Day 2 – Friday, January 15th
11am: 2nd Chakra Meditation “Emotional” by Julia Turner-Qi

“Intro To Breathwork” by Joycelynn Hewitt
In this workshop, you will begin to explore using your breath to calm the mind and balance the nervous system. We will touch on the importance of using mindful breath, while gaining knowledge and practicing some basic breathing techniques. Experience bringing awareness back to your body, allowing yourself to feel your breath and sensations. How you breathe is how you feel. Give yourself this opportunity to reconnect with you and your breath.

“Create It How You Want It” by Katie Sass
This is an hour long class that will begin with a short meditation to open up your creative senses. After meditation, it will be time to have fun and do some art to help you create/manifest what you desire for your life. Draw symbols and pictures, glue cutouts from a magazine, or create words of affirmations or words to inspire you to put in a bowl to choose daily. Be creative in what you want to manifest and have fun with it! Manifesting is meant to be light and fun!
This is a class for all ages. Kids are absolutely welcome!!

You will need to get supplies for this class, depending on what you want to create.

Here are some supply ideas:

  • Poster board or foam core board
  • Markers / crayons/ colored pens/ colored pencils
  • Magazines to cut up
  • Stickers
  • Strips of colored paper
  • Sharpies
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Glitter
  • A bowl or container to put your affirmations in.

Day 3 – Saturday, January 16th
11am: 3rd Chakra Meditation “Power” by Loren Griffin

“Body Image” by Cheryl Rich
New Year, new way to be.
Join me in a group healing to disprove and dispel the false beliefs society has fostered about what and what isn’t a “Perfect Body”. Together, let’s rid ourselves of beliefs that no longer serve us and call back our power! We will vibrate love, acceptance and gratitude out into the Universe for everything our bodies do for us, and be ready to receive all of this and more in return.

“Intuitive Painting Class” by Natalie Kershaw
This class is for everyone! Does not matter your skill level. We will be making one small canvas painting with acrylic.
Here are some supplies that you will need:
Glue (preferably hot glue)
Hair dryer
Bits and bobs that you want to add to your painting

Day 4 – Sunday, January 17th
11am: 4th Chakra Meditation “Heart” by Donna M. Lakes

4pm: “Heart Opening Yoga and Sound” by Joycelynn Hewitt
Come and explore a gentle restorative yoga practice to open your heart space. Joycelynn will provide a place for you to come to your breath and gain awareness of your heart and body. Using gentle restorative yoga postures and breath to release what you would like and create space to receive more of what brings you peace, love and joy. This practice will commence with a crystal singing bowl sound bath. While being in a state of relaxation, you may experience receiving the sound vibrations into your heart space and allow it to ripple out into your entire being.

7pm: “Group Healing” and “Not Lovable” by Dani Lambert
A short guided healing to disprove the Universal belief of “I’m not lovable” and bring you into self love.

Day 5 – Monday, January 18th
11am: 5th Chakra Meditation “Throat” by Brian M. Truskowski

7pm: “Meditation For Sexual Healing” and “Sing You A Piece Of My Mind” Offering” by Julia Turner-Qi
Meditation For Sexual Healing: Join Reiki Master/Intuitive Reader Julia Turner-Qi for a little event she likes to call, Sing you a Piece of my Mind. Often when doing readings, messages have come through to Julia by means of songs.Singing and music has always been very important to her.This will be a class to actively participate in. She will start the class with a short meditation, everyone will all introduce themselves, and then Julia will begin by telling you a little story and a song that accompanies it. Everyone will then have a turn to do the same, or they can choose to just listen to others. We will allow everyone to share as much as they like until the time is up. We will end with a short closing. Come open up and sing!

Sing You A Piece Of My Mind: Julia specializes in sexuality and relationships and how they affect every other aspect of our lives. If we can get over shame, guilt and other lower vibrations around our sexuality and relationships, it can bring forth great connection, for deeper wisdom and clarity. Join her as she walks you through a meditation that can help you acknowledge and release that which is no longer useful or serving you well. Let her walk you through a journey of discovering new ways to more fully open up and live in your true authenticity… and it might just help you have some rocking good sex too.

Day 6 – Tuesday, January 19th
11am: 6th Chakra Meditation “3rd Eye” by Katie Sass
7pm: “Power Up 2021” by Loren Griffin
So we are officially into the New Year of 2021.
Last year, created a sense of powerlessness for many of us. Through the Ascension Retreat this month, I’d like to help us all restore our sense of well being and self empowerment. In order to do that, we will examine the “Chakra” system, and give a brief overview and then focus on the “Third Chakra” also called the “Power Chakra” or “Solar Chakra”. We will learn some practices and a meditation that will help us maintain our self empowerment, spiritual strength and health. I hope you’ll join me and together we will move fearlessly through what looks to be a year of great change for the world. We will look forward to those changes, armed with tools and practices to maintain our next highest version of our highest vision of who we are. Come on along and join this Soul Gypsy Caravan.

Day 7 – Wednesday, January 20th
11am: 7th Chakra Meditation “Crown” by Donna M. Lakes

7pm: “Group Healing” by Cheryl Rich
Join me in a group healing meditation to clear out old beliefs from the old year that no longer serve your higher good. You are worthy and deserving of all the wonderful things coming your way. Let’s clear out the old and make space for the new!

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January 15
January 20
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