Scorpions are nocturnal and respond negatively to light, so they dig and burrow to survive. They are equipped with venom but would prefer to use brute force in an attack. They have been around for hundreds of millions of years and have always looked pretty scary. Having the symbol of a scorpion attached to their sign, it’s no wonder Scorpios have such a questionable reputation.

This makes it difficult to find the beauty in Scorpio, but it’s there below the surface. This sign shows us where to find it, and how to transform in the process. It gives us the power and courage that we need to face all the things that we don’t normally talk about.

As we approach the next full moon on Saturday, we will be challenged to feel our emotions deeply. It calls for us to churn the waters and prevent stagnation, so we may find ourselves questioning and playing detective. Our secrets and hidden desires can come to the surface here. Depending on what we have buried, this can be a time of fear for most.

Secrets though, are just parts of us that we’ve wrapped in that fear. When we allow these untold stories to bubble to the surface we can release that state of being. This is the movement necessary to help us transform what would otherwise be toxic sludge. We might be apprehensive about meeting and working with these energies, but there is another side to consider that is supporting us through the process.

The Buddha was said to have been born, enlightened and have died under a Scorpio moon. Before achieving enlightenment, Siddhartha had to realize his family secrets and dysfunction, and experience the dark side of world that had been hidden from his view. This Buddha Moon reminds us, with her own dark side, the amount of contrast it takes to awaken.

The sign of Scorpio teaches us about the courage that is required to look at our own shadow side and reminds us of our ability to survive it. We transform in the process of working with those shadows. When we turn those still waters, we create the space that is necessary for our desires to flow in. This can leave us feeling vulnerable, but the energies are also supporting our ability to speak from our hearts.

Many of us might be feeling like we’ve been here for awhile. We’ve buried ourselves so deeply that we’ve made that place our home. This full moon is calling you back and asks you to be brave as you crack wide open. There in the heartspace, we find the pieces of ourselves that are asking to be reclaimed. These are the parts that we need to find the courage to be unapologetic for.

The light of the sun shines on this moon from where we cannot see and is sending this message: You are loved, and you are love. Be brave.

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