Growing Faith, stepping into our power, self-love, and realizing we are divine! These are all what we are evolving toward. This is what it will take to live in the new world we who are conscious are creating. The others will join us later.

In order for all this to occur, the old ways are going to crumble, fall, fall apart, and die. Things will look chaotic and messy for a minute but focus on the new foundation being built.
This is happening within each of us and then our outer world will also reflect this. It will happen micro and macro – globally and who knows what else may be happening out there in the universe, but I am willing to bet something is…

My work is with the micro. I work with our innermost parts! I work with the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the being! We must first create change from within to experience it in our outer world. Example: Our relationship with others is a direct reflection of the way we treat ourselves. Our beliefs about the world outside us create what we experience from the world. So if we believe that people who don’t claim Jesus as their savior have a bad life, we will then notice this in reality as truth.