For some the holidays can be intimidating dealing with toxic family members or discord within the
family. I challenge you to have joy this year when you celebrate the holidays and be grateful for those people who challenge you. See it as an opportunity for you to grow. Figure out what your boundaries are and apply them as needed. Focus on what you can connect with them over and enjoy with them and keep gearing things towards that. Let the rest roll off your back. Pick your battles when needed. It’s also OK to spend your holidays how you wish to. If you need a stronger boundary right now for yourself where you can’t be around certain people, then that’s fine too. Make excuses and spend the holidays the way that you desire for it is your holiday! And I add one more thing for you and that is I challenge you to have unattachment to people’s behavior. Try not to expect them to behave badly, try not to expect them to do what you need, and you want, because other people’s behavior is not personal, ever. It is about them and what’s going on inside of them. It’s about their limitations, their capabilities. It’s not personal to you. Just like your limitations and capabilities are yours. Try not to have blame. Try to take responsibly for yourself, your feelings, and your energy. Yet have boundaries when needed. I hope everybody has a wonderful holiday season. Do something for you as well as doing for others.

Many many blessings,

Happy Holidays,

Donna Lakes

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