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Ascension Healing Program

2020 Healer Program

Donna Lakes’ Ascension Healer Program is a year long program. You meet twice a month for class and you get a healing from a graduate once a month.

Some people take the program to experience a deeper healing for themselves. Some wish to learn the techniques to add to their wholistic practice, and some have the desire to become Ascension Healers.

Ascension Healers work with your limiting core beliefs to create transformation. They utilize a combination of intuitive, inner child and ancestral healings, integration, forgiveness, dismantling and rewiring, as well as past life healings in combination with Reiki and other energy modalities.

Before signing up you will need to interview with Donna or one of her staff. Please write an email to us to set up your interview.

What You Will Learn: 

  • All about ascension and the ascension process 
  • Managing your energy on a deeper level 
  • Compassion/ living from the heart without taking others energy on 
  • A greater understanding for yourself 
  • Self-acceptance and approval 
  • Stepping into your power 
  • Stepping into your heart space 
  • Conscious creating 
  • Psychic development 
  • Deepen your practice for Reiki 
  • Collecting patterns and beliefs that are blocking 
  • Channeling/ disproving beliefs (reframing) 
  • Inner Child Healing 
  • Womb Healing 
  • Ancestral Healing 
  • Acknowledgment Healing 
  • Forgiveness Healing 
  • Trauma Healing 
  • Integration (soul retrieval) 
  • Dismantling of beliefs 
  • Rewiring beliefs 
  • DNA activation 


  • Managing Energy as a healer
  • Psychic development
  • Medical intuition
  • Energy medicine
  • Energy reading on all levels- physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual
  • Inner child disproving beliefs (reframing)
  • Integration (soul retrieval)
  • Dismantling of beliefs
  • Rewiring beliefs
  • DNA activation
  • Past life healings

The Healer Program includes:

  • 2 classes a month 
  • Sunday Practices at the center 
  • 1 healing a month 
  • Zoom support call once a month (video conference call) 
  • All meditations for $20 (savings of $30) 
  • 15% off select services at AHAC 

*Each student will be assigned a student teacher that they will send their homework to and check-in with. A zoom support group will also take place once a month for all the students in the program. This gives students the opportunity to get any questions or concerns answered by the teachers and to offer support with their individual ascension process. 

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