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Ascension Healer Program

ASCENSION HEALER PROGRAM 2021-2023 with Donna Lakes

Our Ascension Healer Program assists you through your core ascension process and teaches you the ascension healing techniques and process. Some people take the program to experience a deeper healing for themselves. Others wish to learn the techniques to add to their wholistic practice, and some have the desire to become Ascension Healers.

Ascension Healing is a form of consciousness healing. We help to shift the consciousness by changing beliefs and patterns which are limiting or no longer serving.  This is done by working with the inner child. All our core beliefs are formed by age 7. Encompassed in the inner child healing is womb healing, ancestral healing, trauma healing, integration healing, and or forgiveness healing. Some deeper levels of healings may be needed such as past life or parallel life healing, and or grief healing work.

Within this work you learn to become more interdependent, as you work toward healing codependency. You create a loving relationship with yourself based on self-acceptance and self-love. You learn proper boundaries which helps to step you into your power! This is especially important for empaths! Most of our healers at the center are trained in Ascension Healing and have various specialties.

The Ascension Healer Program is designed as a two year long program. We meet twice a month for core curriculum classes and once a month for support/navigating shadow work. Classes are offered in person, or via zoom, or a combination of both. 


*Donna has been psychic since birth. She has been an intuitive healer for over 25 years and has taught intuitive development for 21 years. She has very successful graduate students who practice and serve in the intuitive and healing arts. Her classes are educational, life changing and a lot of fun. She has been teaching ascension and inner child healing for 16 years and reiki and intuitive for 21 years.

Donna Lakes Ascension Healer Spiritual Coach Metro Detroit
Energy Healer Certification

What You Will Learn

Metro Detroit Chakra Healing Balancing Service

What You Will Learn In This Healer Program: 

  • Learn all about ascension and the ascension process 
  • How to manage your energy on a deeper level 
  • Develop compassion/ how to live from the heart without taking others energy on 
  • Learn a greater understanding for yourself 
  • Find self-acceptance and approval 
  • Step into your power 
  • Step into your heart space 
  • How to consciously create 
  • Develop your psychic abilities 
  • Deepen your practice for Reiki 
  • Collect patterns and beliefs that are blocking 
  • Channel/disprove beliefs (reframing) 
  • Learn how to perform healings on yourself and others including:
    • Inner Child Healing 
    • Womb Healing 
    • Ancestral Healing 
    • Acknowledgment Healing 
    • Forgiveness Healing 
    • Trauma Healing 
  • Integration (soul retrieval) 
  • Dismantle your limiting beliefs 
  • Rewire beliefs 
  • DNA activation 

and more…

Become A Healer

How To Sign Up

Email us at to register.

There is one pre-requisite for this program.


Healer Program Modules:

Year One Courses

  • Intuitive Development
  • Managing Your Energy
  • Intuitive Healer
  • Self-Healing
  • Mediumship
  • Channeling

Year Two Courses

  • Laying the Foundations
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Past Lives Healing
  • Medical Intuition
  • Energetic Medicine
  • Energetic Anatomy
  • Ascension Nutrition
Metro Detroit Healing Center
Ascension Healer Class

Course Modules

Learn How To Heal Yourself Training Metro Detroit Michigan


It is only after we come home to ourselves and realize our power that we can be the most powerful at manifesting our reality in a conscious way. Learn how to heal yourself and feel more whole.

How To Heal The Subconscious Training Metro Detroit Michigan


In this incredible series of classes, we will cover the stages of healing that are important in healing the subconscious mind. There are various stages to Ascension. As we awaken on our spiritual path, we become more conscious and yet we still struggle. This is due to our subconscious programming via beliefs and patterns developed from the womb up until age 7. We operate 95% from our subconscious.  In this course, you will learn how to lay the foundation for healing the subconscious taking your Reiki practice deeper and strengthening your intuition and healing abilities.

Inner Child Healing Training - Metro Detroit Michigan

Inner Child Healing Course

In this eight week course you will learn to intuitively collect beliefs that hold one back in life. Learn how to channel to disprove these personal or universal beliefs. You will build on this knowledge and learn to disprove beliefs that began in the womb or have been present for generations. Learn to address trauma issues with compassion and help to dismantle old beliefs and rewire new beliefs into the energy body.

Intuitive Healer Training Course Metro Detroit Michigan

Intuitive Healing Course

Practice reading and receiving info via the Chakra system as you execute healing. Learn to be guided what to do energetically for a person’s healing and, also channel advice to help them on their healing journey.

Metro Detroit Michigan Reiki Workshop Certification

Reiki I & II

Reiki is an incredible tool for healing yourself and those you love. Learn to harness universal energy and become a channel for this ancient healing energy.

Intuitive Development Training Metro Detroit Michigan

Intuitive Development

In this four week course you will learn about your spiritual senses or “clairs”. You will receive an attunement to open up and increase your psychic abilities. Learn exercises for toning your 3rd eye, strengthen your channel to the divine, develop and strengthen your communication with your spirit guides and learn to read the akashic records via chakra reading.

Managing Your Energy Class - Metro Detroit Michigan

Managing Your Energy For Empaths

Do you take on or feel energy? Are you an empath or a sensitive? Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Do you work with other people for a living? Are you easily overwhelmed by things, places, people, sensory stimuli? Are you a fixer/savor? Do you sacrifice yourself for others? Then this class is for you. Come learn how to fill up and overflow.

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