How To Heal Yourself Training

Learn tools How To Heal Yourself to take back your power. It is only after we come home to ourselves we realize our power. We can be the most powerful at manifesting our reality in a conscious way. Feel more whole and complete.

How to Heal Yourself Package Includes:

2 healing sessions ($200 value)

Meditations ($50 value)

5 classes ($150 value)

  1. Coming Home to Yourself:  In this class, we will explore what it means to come home to yourself and actually reclaim ourselves for the first time. We will use guided meditation and group healing techniques to connect and lay the foundations for a healthy loving relationship with yourself. A connection with all aspects of you, including your higher self.
  2. Forgiveness:  In this class, we will begin by learning about forgiveness and its layers. We will learn exercises to create safety in forgiving. We will go through the process of forgiveness of someone else and oneself.
  3. Stepping Into Your Power:  We will begin by discussing true power and false power. We will do exercises to release false power and cultivate true power within us. We will learn how to avoid giving our power away and how to call it back if we fall prey to giving it away. Reclaim our power from thoughts, beliefs, ideas, triggers, people or situations.
  4. Living From The Heart Space:  In this class, we will learn to harness and cultivate 4th dimensional consciousness of self love, compassion and unconditional love. We will do heart opening exercises to allow our hearts to lead us without giving up our power. We will learn to get out of our heads.
  5. Conscious Creating:  In this class, we will explore not only the law of attraction but methods in which to put it to work for you to help you to create the best version of you and the life you desire.

Cost, Location and Additional Info:

Cost: $350

Early bird: $325

This How To Heal Yourself Training can be completed online or in person located in Southfield, Michigan.  We offer many spiritual wholistic energy healing classes to those in the Metro Detroit area or online to anyone around the world.

Dates and Time:

Dates: 3/2, 3/16, 3/30, 4/13 and 4/27

*Healing should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.

*No refunds available for a missed appointment