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Donna is available to speak on topics such as Intuition, Healing, Reiki and provide mediations and tools to those in need of balancing energy and easing anxiety.

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Available Workshops

Workshops Available Upon Request

Intuitive Healers

Intuitive Development- Stepping Into Inner Guidance

It takes time to develop your spiritual senses and to learn to trust yourself. In this class you will learn mediumship, channeling, communicating with the angelic realm, Akashic record work, connecting with spirit guides, how to read chakras, medical intuition, object reading, and more. Donna will teach all forms of intuition and how to use your god given clairvoyant abilities. She will challenge you towards your personal goals. You will learn how to read someone in person as well as long distance. You will also learn how to setup and protect your energy along with how to clear after working with someone else.

1st hour of class (for new students) includes:

  • An introductory lecture on intuition
  • Handout describing the different types of spiritual senses or clairs
  • An attunement: a cleansing adjustment performed by Donna to release energetic blocks, allowing your energy channels to open and your spiritual senses to heighten in a grounded fashion
  • Initial 1st practice session- merged with the rest of classmates

2nd & 3rd hour of class (for new and repeat students) includes:

  • Focused lecture
  • Guided tree meditation
  • Interactive circle of questions & answers
  • Partner practical reading experience
  • Group healing
  • Every class ends with an energy clearing
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Reiki Share

Reiki I & II

Learn how to harness universal energy to heal emotional blockages and physical pains. Students will learn to channel universal energy or love using Reiki techniques. You will learn self-healing techniques as well as hands on healing techniques to help others to heal. Reiki II students will learn advanced Reiki principals and how to use powerful symbols for focused and distance healing. Chakra basics and Reiki practice on individuals, self and dwellings will also be covered. During this class, Donna will give an attunement, channeling energy into the students, which they then can use to heal with their own hands. This Japanese technique can be learned by people of all ages and backgrounds and can even be done remotely.

This class includes:

  • Lecture on Reiki and a manual for students to follow along and write notes
  • Learn how to read energy by practicing on other classmates
  • Learn how to cleanse and bless a space or house & practice
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Managing Your Energy

Managing Your Energy

Everything in the world is made up of energy, and that energy can easily be manipulated or altered by others. Join Donna Lakes, a spiritual healer and ascension catalyst with over 20 years of experience, lead the first in a progression of ascension workshops that will honestly change your life! Come learn all about energy and its effects on you and how to protect and cleanse it.

Learn basic energy anatomy, all about grounding and its importance for not only your own growth and healing but the earth’s as well. This workshop is especially great to take if you are someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, or if you are empathic. An empath is a person who is very sensitive to others feelings, and often take on others emotions or energy as their own. It truly is life changing! In this class we will be covering how to lift your vibration and keep it strong. We will be covering the first steps of ascension and laying the foundation for you to maintain a strong and protected energy field. Included in this class is a lecture, demonstrations, Thai Chi techniques, interactive practice, and a manual. Do not forget to bring a pen and notebook, there is lots of great material being covered!

What you will learn:

  • The basics of energy anatomy
  • Grounding: what its all about, what it means to be grounded & its importance
  • Divine connection-what it means, how to connect & its significance
  • Energetic awareness
  • Energetic protection & techniques
  • Learn boundaries on all levels (energetic, mental, emotional, and physical)
  • Tools and techniques to assist in lifting your vibration
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Conscious Creating

Learn to change your vibration, to change your life! Create the life you’ve always dreamt of by attending this workshop led by Donna Lakes, who has been practicing and reaping the life altering benefits of the law of attraction for over twenty-five years. She has been studying and playing with the law of attraction to make her dreams come true- find a wonderful life partner, attract positivity, and even heal her body from disease. Learn all about the law of attraction, the missing pieces, and how to make it work wonders in your life.

This class includes:

  • A manual
  • Lecture
  • Questions and answers about goals and beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you want to lead
  • Group healing where Donna channels a belief that is blocking the group collectively

Very few people truly understand the law of attraction and how it really works. Donna will offer you a greater understanding along with tools to bring the life you truly desire into reality. This class is perfect for everyone at all levels- those whom have never heard of the law of attraction, those who know the concept but fail to truly make it work for them, and those who have had success but may need some extra coaching to refine their skills. It is a process learning these skills and creating an entirely new way of being!

This powerful workshop will not only open your eyes to this attainable reality, but it will make you work to look beyond the law of attraction and how beliefs affect our lives on so many levels. We will be focusing not only on creating or manifesting for our individual selves but also how to contribute to creating a better world through a new collective consciousness!

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Forgiveness Workshop

In this workshop there will be a lecture and discussion about forgiveness and releasing anger. During the class we will be performing forgiveness exercises for another or possibly oneself. You will also receive a group healing as well, to help the process of forgiveness.

This workshop includes:

  • Lecture on forgiveness
  • Group healing
  • Anger release techniques

This class is approximately 2 hours long. You may attend in person, by Skype, or by phone conference if you prefer.

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Stepping Into Your Power

Intuitive healer and spiritual life coach Donna Lakes is back with the next installment of her Divine Ascension Series. This session deals with coming into your own power. Learn how to tap into your personal power, develop it and distinguish between true power and false power. Learn how to regain your power and reclaim your life, which for many individuals may be for the very first time. You don’t need to have attended any other sessions to join us for this empowering workshop on tapping into your own greatness & creating the life you choose for yourself.

This workshop includes:

  • A lecture and manual to follow along and write notes on
  • Tools/techniques to learn to tap into personal power
  • Power techniques
  • Meditation techniques
  • Learn to cultivate power and distinguish between real power and false power
  • Group healing
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Coming Home to Yourself

In this very powerful workshop we will be working on the path towards self-acceptance and self-love. This workshop with help you create a new relationship with yourself by teaching you to release the self-judgment and inner critic within. This workshop includes a lecture, exercises and meditation, along with a group healing.

Donna is a powerful intuitive healer and spiritual life coach. She works with all aspects of your being- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. She is gifted with psychic abilities utilizing her spiritual senses as she works with you. She has the ability to channel and
communicate with angels, spirit guides and those who have crossed over.

In this class you will learn about:

  • Self-realization
  • Self-acceptance, self-approval, & self-worth
  • Allowing your authentic self to show
  • A reconditioning of the self
  • Self-love
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