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Did you know? We humans have multiple levels of energy that we all are comprised of and experience simultaneously.

More than just our physical energy levels, we have emotional energy, mental energy, and spiritual energy that contribute to our whole. It’s important to understand how all of these different types of energy work independently and together, and as a whole. 

Ascension healing arts center


Just like running out of gas in your car, the battery also has to stay charged, there has to be air in the tires, and antifreeze and coolant to keep things running smoothly. If anything falls out of balance, things go awry. Our being is the same. We have to maintain our physical energy levels to get around and be physical. We have to have mental stamina and energy to process thoughts and ideas. We have to have emotional energy to understand ourselves, our emotions, and have the emotional bandwidth to sustain and remain emotionally balanced, and spiritually we have to feed our soul in order to experience the bliss and joy we were meant to have throughout our lives.

Ascension healing arts center


Managing & Mastering Your Energy Workshop Curriculum

  • Learn why an empath is energetically different 
  • Learn about the anatomy of energy
  • Learn how to ground and center your energy
  • Benefits of being grounded
  • Energetic connection, protection, and energy cleansing techniques 
  • How to strengthen your energy field 
  • What being grounded looks like 
  • Signs of ungroundedness 
  • Grounding exercises and activities 
  • Cord removal 
  • Aura Cleansing 
  • Calling your energy back 
  • Boundaries (energetic, mental, emotional, and physical) 
  • Tools and techniques to assist you in lifting your vibrations.

Managing & Mastering Your Energy Course Materials

  • Managing & Mastering Your Energy manual
  • Exercises for building up your energy
  • Group healing
  • Meditation (energy hookup)
  • Recording of the workshop
  • Recordings of grounding exercises for you to use anytime, anywhere.


When things get out of balance, we can become easily overwhelmed by things places, people, and sensory stimuli. We can fail to have or maintain boundaries and feel like we’re always responsible to fix/save everyone/thing around us. If there is an energetic boundary that is not being put into place or maintained, then our energy is open and available for others to drain with or without our consent. We can feel ungrounded, snappy, short tempered and be quick to anger. We might feel anxiety, depression, extra sensitive or emotional and take on other people’s energy without realizing or recognizing it and think it must be our own and not understand why. We might give away all of our time to other people/places/jobs and save none for ourselves, physically exhausting ourselves.


In this life changing course, you will learn to understand the basics of energy and energetic anatomy. Learn in-depth about grounding, divine connection, protection of energy, energy clearing, boundaries on all levels, emotional, mental and spiritual. Also, learn to strengthen your energy from the core out. You will learn about your aura, your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual limits and where to place your boundaries and then keep and protect them. 

This workshop is designed to teach you to fill up and then overflow, to give to yourself first before giving to others so you never have to be exhausted by a lack of boundaries. When you give yourself enough, there will always be more than enough to give to others but if you aren’t giving to yourself first, you’ll always be running on empty.  Come learn how to fill up and overflow.

Ascension healing arts center

There are currently no prerequisites for this workshop.


Cost:  $88.00

Duration: 3 hours

We are located at: 21751 Eleven Mile Road, Southfield, Mi 48076

Ascension healing arts center
Managing & Mastering Your Energy Training is facilitated by Reiki Master & Ascension Teacher Donna Lakes: 

Donna is a Reiki master and healer who has been psychic since birth. She has been an intuitive healer for over 25 years and has taught intuitive development for 21 years. Through her own experience as a healer and connection to God/Source she was able to design the Ascension Healer program she created and is now teaching today. She has very successful graduate students who practice and serve in the intuitive and healing arts. Her workshops and classes are educational, life changing and a lot of fun. She has been teaching ascension and inner child healing for 16 years and reiki and intuitive for 21 years.

About Us:

We offer many spiritual wholistic energy healing workshops & classes and have a two year Ascension Healer program designed for those who wish to expand beyond traditional Reiki training into a Spiritual healing practice or wish to further heal themselves as an Ascension healer which covers many other facets including Intuitive Healing, Past Lives healing, Womb Healing, Inner Child Healing, Subtle Energy Management, Intuitive Development, and so much more. Check out our program page for more info.