First off let me start by saying rejection is an illusion! Other people’s behavior is always about them and their story, even if someone blames someone else. And you can blame all you want but it’s really about you. When we blame we give our power away and we become a victim. Nothing is more disempowering!

​Rejection is a hard belief or perception to get over. It is a belief coupled with I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable, and even adjacent to patterns and perceptions of abandonment. In reality there is no rejection or abandonment. People make choices and decisions according to their views, beliefs, and perceptions. They make decisions based on their needs at the time or much of the time we can make decisions based on fear or from a feeling of not feeling worthy.

​Our society is steeped in fear based consciousness. Most people do not feel worthy or good enough or lovable in some area of their being. Also, we are a society riddled with toxic male energy. We were taught false power. Our idea of power is domination, manipulation, and control or lording over someone or others. We were often taught in order to build ourselves up we have to tear someone else down to steal their energy instead of being built up by our caregivers and teachers (our influencers). Instead of learning to build up our own energy and be in our true power.

​When we have these views and perceptions of rejection and abandonment, we at the core do not feel worthy, good enough, or lovable. And that is a lie for we all have value and we are all good enough and lovable. We are all a part of the whole- we all influence and affect each other. Good or bad is also an illusion! Good or bad is an illusion also for it’s perception, it’s all in how we look at it. There can be good or bad in anything, it all just depends on from what angle we decide to view things. It’s a little trippy to think about it.

​So there are various reasons why someone comes or goes from your life. Or why someone may choose another path. Even if it seems as though it has to do with you- it does not. Some of the reasons may be that they have a calling towards somewhere or something. They may not feel worthy of you. They may have self sabotage, they may have fear, they may project onto you, they could have beliefs blocking them. Or they may even blame you for something because it’s easier than taking responsibility for their own energy.

​So the first part of any healing process is observation. Observe your behavior and examine your perceptions and beliefs. Then take responsibility for them. Go to the core of where these perceptions occurred. Call back your power. Literally call back the energy you gave away to the person you perceived abandoned you! You also need to build yourself up. Reassure yourself. Affirm that it’s not about you, it’s about them. Look at your own decisions and see how they were based on core beliefs or feelings from something more. We must take responsibility for our own thoughts, beliefs, and choices and examine our motivations. We must know ourselves and then we can begin to understand others and the world around us. There is nothing more powerful than taking responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, beliefs, and our own vibration. For what we believe creates our vibration and therefore our reality, which sometimes, oftentimes, is an illusion. Rejection and abandonment is an illusion. See it for what it is and learn to be what you need and desire for yourself. The power is all within you!

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  1. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was joining this exceptional group of women! I was told by one that it would change my life and like anything you always enter with a degree of skepticism. Resistance as my middle name and not even realizing I was doing so, my eyes are slowly opening as I start to see the world for how it actually is and not how I once believed it to be.

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