Aroma Point Therapy

Aroma Point Therapy or APT, combines the healing powers of essential oils with specific acupoints or body zones. It is a catalyst for profound shifts in the body, mind, and spirit. APT is gentle, light pressure, completely safe, and yet exceptionally effective healing modality. It engages, the energetic potential hidden within essential oils, the vehicles of the plant spirits, and particular plant medicine.

The practice itself involves placing key, properly diluted oils on appoints, chakras or reflex zones on the body in order to activate energetic and physiological changes. These shifts are part of a cascade of events that unfold both in linear and nonlinear realities. They foster the establishment and “remembering” of dynamic equilibrium and authentic naturalness on all levels if being.

Aroma Point Reiki

Reiki + Essential Oils + Acupoints = Ultimate Healing Potential!!!

In pairing key essential oils with specific points and energy centers we are able to access the profound power generated in mutual resonance. The medicine of resonance is crucial in these times of extraordinary complexity in our dysfunctions of diseased states. It is essential in building and co-creating empowerment pathways within healthcare and in complementary care.

The simple elegance if Aroma Point Reiki transformative technique is a brilliant companion to any healing arts practice. You will benefit from this modality magnificently!!

Floral Acupuncture:

Flower Essences can also have a positive effect on the human meridian system also known as the etheric or life body. The meridian system is the blueprint of the physical body. The etheric body radiates about 1 1/2 inches from it as a blue-violet glow. Traditional Chinese meridian system takes in elemental life force from sunlight- animating the air, earth, fire, and water elements of the physical body. It flows in colors that reflect your thoughts and feelings.

Floral Acupuncture works by applying the flower essences of Dr. Bach on acupoints to align the physical/etheric complex of the unconscious body-mind with the conscious soul or astral body.

Floral Acupuncture Intensive

The duration of therapy depends on the emotional issue with a floral acupuncture application each week to help dissolve deep-rooted emotional distress. Once a week for 4-6 weeks.  Each week the client is given a 7-day supply of the floral essence if the week to help facilitate healing.

Floral Mapping

Michael uses the 38 Bach Flower Remedies to help with old pains throughout the body. Each skin zone on the body represents a particular flower essence with extraordinary accuracy to help remove old and chronic pain.

We mix a flower essence with a fragrance-free body lotion (a 30-day supply) and is lightly applied throughout the day. This therapy is continues until the patient is pain-free. This therapy works on old emotional pains, tension, or stress on the body and is not a silver bullet designed for pain like medication.

Flower Essence Consultation

We use flower essences to help peel through emotions like the peeling of an onion. This dissolves blockages, aids in general wellness, resolves deep rooted emotional distress and helps us move forward with life in a positive and meaningful way. Typical therapy is 3-6 months with some patients continuing long term therapy.

Flower Essences are taken orally as a supplement a few times a day in water. Results very from person to person but generally between 5-10 days the results are generally noticed.

*Healing should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.

*No refunds available for a missed appointment.