How does a chakras rewiring/balancing session work?

Metro detroit chakra healing balancing serviceRewiring known as chakras energy healing is when we work with your chakras and energy system to plant new seeds of karma in your system – beliefs that serve Truth.  Example: Maybe if you had a belief that you can’t trust yourself. We would rewire “I can trust myself” This is a form of alchemy. The seeds of the new belief we watch or envision germinating and growing into new energy patterns in the physical body and in all aspects of the energy body. Over time, this new belief takes hold and you may be asked to keep affirming the new belief for a period of time and journal noticed changes. Sometimes it is like a weight is lifted and there is an instant change in your reality. And sometimes it takes weeks or months to complete.    Either way it is all good! Very powerful!

New clients – must sign up for a First Time Healing Session that may include many types of healing and intuitive practices.

Your session always starts with an intuitive healing.  The first session is all about gathering information and identifying blocks.  Your practitioner will channel advice.  She may even go into deeper healing right away, using other energy techniques and guided imagery, but she will always do an energy reading, as well as a balancing and cleansing of the chakras.

When doing a long distance healing session, Donna will begin energy treatment and the reading prior to speaking with the client on the phone.  She takes notes on what she hears, feels and sees in the clients energy.  She will then call and go over the notes with the client, at that time she may receive additional information which she will include in the notes.  The client will then have an opportunity to ask questions.

To end the session Donna will make any recommendations she may have, as well as provide a healing plan.  This plan usually includes some kind of homework that the client may find beneficial.  The homework is usually something as simple as taking a bath, reading a book or going to the beach, nothing to be intimidated by.

There are instances when Donna will only need to be on the phone with the client for half of the session, with a typical session being 1 hour.

*Healing should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.

*No refunds available for a missed appointment