What is an inner child healing?

During an inner child healing you will work through issues in order to release life patterns caused by traumas and circumstances. The therapist will then help you integrate the newly healed aspect of yourself into the present.

Most of our beliefs are formed before the time we are 7 years old when our personalities are formed.  We learn some of our beliefs socially or we adopt them from our parents. We can also learn from others who have influence on us and from experiences. At such a young age we are not mature enough to understand things outside of ourselves. A child takes things on that happen around them as if they are part of it, even if they are not.

For example when parents get divorced or are stressed or unhappy for some reason, the child will think that it is because of them.  They are unable to separate themselves from the situation. They will think they did something to cause it and blame themselves in some way. We all need inner child healing whether we have experienced a trauma in childhood or not!! This is just one simple example of many, many patterns and beliefs. If you believe you were abandoned, you will perceive situations as abandonment and attract situations that look like abandonment, by the law of attraction.

How does an inner child healing work?

Metro Detroit Inner Child Healing ServiceA healer will perform a reiki healing to help guide you into a receptive state. You will communicate with younger aspects of yourself to find out when an unhealthy pattern or belief started and why.

Together you will disprove this misinterpreted belief. You may see things from a different perspective and start to believe differently. A healer can help identify the patterns or beliefs people hold onto in your subconscious. You may begin to see into the past and present of why people are behaving the way they do or did.

What are the benefits of an inner child healing?

You will learn how to nurture and support your inner child. This promotes healing and establishes a relationship with yourself on a very intimate level. You may find peace and understanding. Sometimes even forgiveness of others and self.

New clients – must sign up for a First Time Healing Session that may include many types of healing and intuitive practices.

Your session always starts with an intuitive healing.  The first session is all about gathering information and identifying blocks.  Your practitioner will channel advice.  She may even go into deeper healing right away, using other energy techniques and guided imagery, but she will always do an energy reading, as well as a balancing and cleansing of the chakras.

When doing a long distance healing session, Donna will begin energy treatment and the reading prior to speaking with the client on the phone.  She takes notes on what she hears, feels and sees in the clients energy.  She will then call and go over the notes with the client, at that time she may receive additional information which she will include in the notes.  The client will then have an opportunity to ask questions.

To end the session Donna will make any recommendations she may have, as well as provide a healing plan.  This plan usually includes some kind of homework that the client may find beneficial.  The homework can be something as simple as taking a bath, reading a book or going to the beach, nothing to be intimidated by.

There are instances when Donna will only need to be on the phone with the client for half of the session, with a typical session being 1 hour.

*Healing should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.

*No refunds available for a missed appointment