What does a bodyworker do and what is bodywork therapy?

A Bodyworker is someone who performs bodywork therapy and works intuitively with their clients. They can integrate many different modalities. As you heal from injury or structural problems. Pain sometimes does not go away right away. It may come back or the pain may change and move somewhere else as the body heals.

Bodywork therapy is often done with the client fully clothed and the practitioner does not use lotion or oil. They can use energy work like Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy.  They can even include Therapeutic modalities like Sports Massage, Myofascial Therapy or Deep tissue types of work. Deeper work like clearing emotional or energetic blocks can happen through the use of guided imagery and dialogue. Bodywork therapy depends on what the current needs of the client are in that session.

Is bodywork therapy safe?

Of course! Bodywork is unique to each practitioner and each client. Our approach is gentle. We work within the tolerance of each client, depending on their needs.

How does an energy work or bodywork therapy, work?

Energy work is a very gentle modality. The client lays on the table fully clothed and covered with a blanket if desired. The practitioner lays hands on the client and either moves or directs the energy in someones body. This moves stuck energy. This happens in joints or parts of the body that the client is feeling discomfort. This can be physical or emotional discomfort.

Bodywork therapy is similar to the above, but incorporates physical manipulation of the body. Either moving muscle tissue, moving joints around or holding knots or trigger points to help ease the discomfort the client is feeling.

In both modalities, the practitioner is targeting the clients discomfort and working to create ease. Bodywork works with the whole body to correct imbalances that are there.

What to expect during a bodywork session?

Anything is possible. It all depends on where the client is that day and what is needed to come through. A session can be subtle and gentle work, focusing more energetically or slowly. It can also be more vigorous and deeper work if that is what the client is needing that day, or any combination of those two. Sometimes clients like to start off with a more physical deeper experience and then wrap it up with gentler more subtle work to help them relax. In some sessions, deep emotional work can happen. The client processes and releasees deep emotional wounds. Crying or expressing past traumas can happen. The beautiful thing is that each session is unique and one session can and will vary from the next.

Bodywork and energy therapy techniques:

  • Cranio Sacral – This is an Osteopathic Technique balancing the cranio-sacral rhythm to bring about pain relief.  This is a bone and fascial release and improves movement of the cerebrospinal fluid.   It is a very gentle technique.  It helps all kinds of discomforts and disorders including TMJ, structural misalignments, headaches, post traumatic stress, anxiety, and back pain to name a few.
  • Blocking/Pelvic Realignment – This is an Osteo technique to realign the pelvis and hips.  It uses blocks placed at certain bone landmarks of the pelvic region.  This is a gentle therapy to the body. It helps to restore function and movement.
  • Reflexology – This ancient art works on the feet and hands at the meridian lines’ ending points.  It releases pain or discomforts in the body.  Reflexology can access the whole body while remaining at the feet and hands.
  • Reiki (Energy Massage) – This is a blend of energy work and physical massage.  It works on the energetic and intuitive level by applying energy techniques.  It also gives kneaded relief to the physical body which relieves muscles that are sore and worn out.

Massage techniques:

  • Swedish Massage – This is an overall relaxation, destress massage.  The focus is on bringing the client to a zen state of peace and calm.
  • Therapeutic Massage – This is individually tailored to each clients needs to restore harmony and function to the body.  It uses a blend of modalities such as trigger point release, stretching, structural analysis, releasing of tight muscles, and energy work.  Therapeutic massage improves mobility and function to the individual.
  • Deep Tissue – The pressure applied to the body is firm and deep.  Deep tissue massage works to get at  the deeper lying muscles that are experiencing stress and discomfort.
  • Prenatal – A massage geared to the needs of a woman going through pregnancy.  It can help relieve structural, emotional, and mental stress that can be brought about by the many changes a woman’s body goes through while in her pregnancy.
  • Lymphatic Massage – During a lymph drainage massage, a specially-trained massage therapist uses a series of gliding, compressing, stretching, and cupping motions over the client’s body. The light rhythmic movements, applied without massage oil, stimulate the lymphatic system without compressing the vessels.  This allows lymph to move easily through the tissues and lymph nodes. Your healer follows a specific sequence over the body so lymph isn’t trapped anywhere, making sure every area is treated with care.

What is Crystal Healing Bodywork?

We use the power of healing crystals using specific protocols to assist with stress, anxiety, self-love, disconnection and much more!

*Couples massage – two people in a room, two tables, two therapists and each person can pick their choice of style of massage from the above list

*Massage and Body Work should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.