What is a psychic/energetic reading?

A psychic or what we call an energetic reading is when a reader allows energy to flow through them and is passed on with their interpretation of that energy to you.

How does a psychic reading work?

Metro detroit psychic reading tarot readingA reader connects to the energy outside of themself.  They go to a different mindset.  It doesn’t look like the character Whoopi Goldberg portrayed in Ghost, but the mindset is separate from themself.

The reader taps into your energy and convey information back to you.  A reader can write down their findings or voice record the reading.  Oftentimes the reading will have a little additional information that spirit has given to the reader as recommendations for you.

What is a psychic reading good for?

A Psychic reading, also called an energetic reading, is helpful in times when our emotions are clouding our ability to naturally tap into source energy or have a clear channel to talking with God, however you choose to see it, is cloudy.  When we are in a flurry of emotions, it helps to have someone help you see thru the chaotic energy and to help you refocus on your knowing.

They are also a fun thing to do when you are about to go into a new phase in your life.  A marriage, a graduation, birthday, finding out you are having a baby and or their birth, all of these things warrant an energetic shift in your life and a reading can be either helpful or just enjoyable during these transitions.

What to expect during a reading?

You should expect the possibility of having strong emotions or releases during the reading. You could also expect to have this happen for a few days after the reading as you are adjusting to being able to see the energy more clearly.  Sometimes we don’t want to see clearly however and some people see glimpses but then go back into patterns that make the energy once again chaotic.  If this is the case, further readings can be done and more guidance given. In this case, the goal being to teach you how to tap into this knowing yourself without my assistance.

All healing sessions include energy healing, coaching, and channeling.  Clients are more than welcome to ask questions, consulting her intuition.

Angel Reading

Our Physic readings will use spiritual senses to communicate with the Divine to retrieve advice and information for those in need of direction or answers.

Clairvoyant Reading

A psychic will use their gift to communicate with the angelic realm to receive and interpret information for the client.

Energy Reading

An energy expert will tune into and connect with your energy, with or without touch (depending on the client and the healer) and interpret your energy field and receive information from the past, present and/or future.


This is known as object reading. The psychic will ask for an object and interpret the information they receive from the energy of the object, usually a ring or keys etc but any object will hold the residual vibration of energy. The psychic will use their gift to connect with this energy and interpret the information the object is holding.


Our expert will channel the spirit to lead you to a new level of healing.

Your session always starts with an intuitive healing.  The first session is all about gathering information and identifying blocks.  Your practitioner will channel advice.  They may even go into deeper healing right away, using other energy techniques and guided imagery, but they will always do an energy reading, as well as a balancing and cleansing of the chakras.

If you have never seen a practitioner before, you will need to sign up for a First Time Healing Session.

When doing a long distance healing session, your practitioner will begin energy treatment and the reading prior to speaking with the client on the phone.  They take notes on what they hears, feels and sees in the clients energy.  They will then call and go over the notes with the client, at that time they may receive additional information which the practitioner will include in the notes.  The client will then have an opportunity to ask questions.

To end the session your practitioner will make any recommendations they may have, as well as provide a healing plan.  This plan usually includes some kind of homework that the client may find beneficial.  The homework can be something as simple as taking a bath, reading a book or going to the beach, nothing to be intimidated by.

There are instances when the practitioner will only need to be on the phone with the client for half of the session, with a typical session being 1 hour.

*Healing should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.

*No refunds available for a missed appointment.