Reiki Healing Session

Reiki Healing Energy is an ancient Japanese healing modality in which the therapist works with the anatomy of your energy system in order to promote healing on all levels. Reiki can be used to heal things as simple as headaches or a sore back, or more serious injuries such as broken bones or cancer. It can even help with depression or if you are just in a funk. It helps you obtain deep relaxation and can take you to an altered state in order to relieve anxiety or stress. It is a life path as well as a healing modality.

What is the difference between Reiki Healing and Regular Healing?

Reiki healing is a technique that can be used within a regular healing session.  When booking a Reiki Healing, you will need to sign up for a regular healing and request reiki treatment.

What is Reiki Healing Used For?

A healing may include or can be included upon request the following healing services:

What to expect after a Reiki treatment?

Deep relaxation, often people mistake this for being tired. You may feel a bit drowsy like when getting up from a deep sleep. After a treatment you will want to drink a lot of water and/or green tea, to flush the body of toxins. I often suggest a salt bath as well. You may experience emotional and/or mental detox. You may feel sad for a few days followed by a light happy feeling. Some people feel great immediately; everyone is different.

How often should I do Reiki?

Some people do it weekly and some biweekly, while others do it once a month or seasonally. It depends on what’s going on with you. Are you using it preventatively, or are you working on issues, patterns, or physical conditions.

*Healing should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.

*No refunds available for a missed appointment.