A spiritual coach can help you work through triggers, events, situations, and issues. Coaching and advice may be advised in lifestyle, diet, relationships, and career.

What is spiritual life coaching?

A spiritual coach provides a form of support for those on a spiritual life path. Someone who has had or is having a spiritual awakening and needs support. Life can feel confusing or uncertain. Having support is essential. A lot of times people who are on this journey are, or feel alone. They don’t know who to talk to about the “crazy” things they’re experiencing in life, and feel like no one else could possibly understand. A spiritual life coach is someone who is on the journey and understands it quite well. They can support and help you navigate the uncertain terrain of this never-ending journey.

How does spiritual coaching work?

Donna Lakes Ascension Healer Spiritual Coach Metro DetroitA coach works directly with the client and listens to what is currently happening with them. They let them know they aren’t crazy for having these thoughts or experiences and can help them understand what’s happening. In addition a couch can offer support in the form of council. They may provide guidance and direction for the client.  They may assign exercises and offer homework to help.

Who should see a spiritual life coach?

For those who are experiencing a spiritual awakening and are confused about what is going on. Those who have had their spiritual awakening and need support through their journey.

What to expect during a coaching session?

Sessions can vary depending on the clients needs. It can be a session where the client speaks, vents and just needs to be heard by someone, with out correction or help. The coach may offer council or direction to the client and give assignments, meditations or things to consider.

*Healing should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.

*No refunds available for a missed appointment.