1. Do not fear it, fear only gives it power!
2. Use the Tree Meditation daily, once in the morning and once in the evening
a. Do Tree Meditation for your house
3. Call on angels and fairies to protect your home
4. Use sage to cleanse your house. Saging is done lower level first and clockwise in each room. Also use Palisantro (cleanses and blesses) and/or sweet grass
5. Put salt lamps in house, especially in the bedroom.
6. Place black tourmaline in corners of rooms
7. Place grounding stones like smoked quartz and uplifting stones like amethyst (cleanse all crystals with salt water, set in sun and moonlight for 24 to 48 hours)around your house
8. Take salt baths 2 to 3 times per week
9. Wash hands after clients with cold water with the intention of cleaning their energy from you
10. Say a prayer before working on people for protection! Do not feel sorry for them (They created their own reality). Say a prayer and imagine anything from them draining from you after you have worked on them. Clear energy at the end of the day. Always ask for the energy draining from you to be transformed into light healing energy.
11. Wear, hold or even put in a pocket crystals that ground and protect (make sure you cleanse them every so often)
When dealing with ghosts: ask angels to convince them to go to the light
Darkness energy: Do no fear. Demand that they go away and thank them for whatever they taught you! Remove any beliefs they are attached to or any unhealthy patterns. Then just imagine zapping them with the light of God, golden white light that you pull in from the heavens. Fill yourself with that light and beam it at the entity until they unattached and call angels to help guide them out the window nearest you and up, out and away! Then patch the area they were attached to by putting up boundaries.
How to look for them: Close your eyes and feel into your aura and chakras. Feel for pressure. Look for dark spots. Then do your thing!
I hope these tips help you to cleanse your energy!