Intuition is a gift we are all born with. It is our innate sense of knowing or inner guidance, our internal compass and connection to source and our higher self. Much like any gift we are born with, be it art, or music, cooking, or whatever skill one might develop, it has to be practiced and honed, tapped into and used regularly to be fine tuned into something you can comfortably understand and interpret. 

You've always been a little bit psychic


Your intuition feels like an internal guttural knowing… Like when you say “I can’t really explain it… I just know.” Or when you know whose calling before you check the caller ID.  Thinking of someone right before you hear from them.  When something just “feels” right. 

There are other ways of sensing your intuition too- sensing other’s emotions, vivid inexplicable dreams, you can “read” people, random thoughts or knowing’s that just fall into your mind… knowing the answer to something without “knowing” the answer. 

You see angel numbers, and psychics seem to find you. You get messages from all over. Random people seem drawn to you to tell you their life stories, or for guidance and answers. There are so many ways your intuition speaks to not only you, but to those around you as well. Their intuition can sense yours!


This class includes:

  • An attunement 
  • Guided Meditation
  • Recording to help open spiritual senses

  In this class you will learn: 

  • Mediumship
  • Channeling 
  • Communicating with the angelic realm
  • Akashic record work
  • Connecting with spirit guides
  • How to read chakras
  • Object reading, and more. 

 Donna will teach all forms of intuition including a lesson on how to use your God given clairvoyant abilities. Donna will challenge you to meet your personal goals. Learn how to read others in person, as well as long distance. You will also learn how to setup and protect your energy along with how to clear energy after working with others.    

First hour of class (for new Intuitive Development students) includes: An introductory lecture on intuition Handout describing the different types of spiritual senses, an attunement: an energetic cleansing adjustment performed by Donna to release energetic blocks, allowing your energy channels to open and your spiritual senses to heighten in a grounded fashion Practice session- merged with the rest of classmates   

Second & Third hour of class (for new and repeat Intuitive Development students) includes: Focused lecture, guided Tree Meditation, Interactive question answer session, Partner practical reading experience Group healing Every class ends with an energy clearing  

If you have already taken a 3-hour Intuitive Development class, you are considered a returning student


CLAIRSALIENCE- The intuition of smell… Have you ever smelled someone’s perfume who wasn’t around, or a certain flower, or smell that you associated with a specific person at a random time/place?

CLAIRCOGNIZANT- When you just KNOW… that inexplicable knowing. A nagging idea, thought, knowing, or sensing. 

CLAIRAUDIENT- Hearing something not present in your physical reality. That little voice that says, “turn here!” while you’re driving. 

CLAIRSENTIENT- The ability to perceive or feel things that others cannot, like having radar for the energy surrounding someone, something, or some place or being able to tell when something is coming.

CLAIRVOYANT- Psychic sight- like having visions, or visualizations through your third eye- or keen insight into the future or a situation. Mental images in your mind’s eye. Visual perception. Many artists are clairvoyant and create what they see in their mind’s eye. 

CLAIREMPATHY- You have the ability to clearly perceive, feel and sense other’s thoughts and emotions. Many, many people are empathic and have a hard time discerning their emotions from others, and for that we recommend our “Managing and Mastering Your Energy” course to help them create the necessary energetic boundaries to protect themselves from other people’s emotions and energy. 

CLAIRTANGENCY- You can pick up information from an object or person by simply touching them or being in close proximity. Like getting a feeling or insight from touching some old antique or an object that is storing strong energy. The insight from this intuit might be perceived through another, such as seeing an image associated with the object, or sensing a time/place it was tied to.

CLAIRGUSTANCE- The ability to sense thorough taste without having any physical source tied to that taste in or near their mouth. Sensing the taste of a favorite meal cooked by a loved one, or the inexplicable taste of a certain chemical or medicine (think childhood cough syrup or children’s Tylenol- I bet you can taste that!).


That’s what we are here to teach you. This class is a crash course on intuitive and psychic development. In this class you will receive an attunement to open up your clairs or spiritual senses in a grounded fashion. A short lecture, meditation, and we will vote on which types of intuitive exercises and practices you will experience. 

Choices will be: chakra reading, clair reading, mediumship, angels, and spirit guides. This is a fun and powerful class that will give you knowledge and experience! 

Intuitive Development takes time. It takes time to learn to trust yourself. For a deeper education with your intuition and psychic abilities consider our Healer Program.   


Intuitive Development Training

In this four week Intuitive Development Training you will learn about your spiritual senses or “clairs”. You will receive an attunement to open up and increase your psychic abilities. Learn exercises for toning your 3rd eye. Strengthen your channel to the divine.  Develop and strengthen your communication with your spirit guides as well as learn to read the akashic records via chakra reading.

Intuitive Development Training Curriculum

  • How to read Chakras and tap into the Akashic Records
  • Channeling
  • Utilize Your Clair and Spiritual Senses
  • Spirit Guides

What you will receive:

  • Attunement: to open up your spiritual senses
  • Exercises: to help develop your spiritual senses
  • Manual
  • Recordings of the classes

Cost, Location and Additional Info:

Cost: $160

Early Bird: $145

This training can be completed online or in person located in Southfield, Michigan.  We offer many spiritual wholistic energy healing classes to those in the Metro Detroit area or online to anyone around the world.

Dates and Time:

1st Round – 3/11, 3/25, 4/8 and 4/22

2nd Round – 7/13, 7/20, 7/27 and 8/3

Don’t wait, register for your Intuitive Development Course TODAY!

*Healing should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.

*No refunds available for a missed appointment

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Intuitive Development

RewiringWhen: June 5, 2016

Where: Donna’s House, 721 W. Saratoga, Ferndale, MI

Time: 12pm – 3pm (New Students)
1pm – 3pm (Returning Students)

Cost: $75.00 (New Students)
$50.00 (Returning Students)

In this class we will work on opening up your spiritual senses! This is an ongoing monthly class. The more classes you attend, the faster your skills will develop! The focus for this class will be Spirit Guides. You will also learn:

Email donnamlakes@gmail.com or call 248-854-1471 to sign up!

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