So how do we let go of judgment?

First, and most importantly, start to focus on yourself. Focus on what you like about yourself and what qualities you have that you are proud of. Focus on the good in others as well! For what you focus on grows!

Be open to people having grown and healed. Be open to the change in yourself and others as you move through life lessons. And as for those who have not changed, or who are stuck, no matter how nasty their disposition may be, remember to have compassion for they are acting out from their wounding. Do not allow them to walk all over you, or act inappropriately toward you. Boundaries are surely needed with them. Wish them well, send them angels as you place those boundaries. If you make them strong boundaries, such as not allowing them in your life, let go of any hurt they may cause, wish them well, and move on. Do not waste time and energy talking about how horrible they are, or why you are in the right, or how you are a victim. This all takes and gives your energy away and it sends them energy to stay stuck. Instead, find compassion and understanding, and forgive and forget. Do not fear them. Be honest with them and let go. Say your peace and let that be that! Maybe you need to talk it through with someone or get another perspective, but do not drama it out, talking about it over and over again, just respond or do not respond. Figure out what course of action or inaction serves you best. I can’t tell you how many times I gave my energy to talking about the wound over and over instead of saying my peace and letting go.

I had a friend who would repeat herself over and over about every situation and I could see and feel how this re-traumatized her. And then I observed it on a lesser scale in myself! I brought it to her attention and now we both move through things much faster, and let go. Instead of holding on and causing more damage to ourselves, as well as those we were having issues with. Words and thoughts are powerful. I am becoming increasingly more careful of what I focus on and what I put out there.

Grow conscious, be aware and great luck to you on your journey.

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