Boundaries Essence Blend


Setting boundaries is something that is a necessity for having a high quality of life, yet, it is something that many of us lack due to; needy friends and family, unbalanced work-life balance, and being conditioned to live in “survival mode.” 

The Boundaries Essence Blend is made with specific flower essences and gem elixirs that help us to establish boundaries where we need them most. It helps us to speak our truth that we need to have boundaries for our well-being.

This blend is particularly useful for individuals who feel like they are a doormat with friends and family, those who aren’t quite sure how to set up boundaries with psychic vampires, and those who have difficulty saying no.

For best results, use 4 drops 3x a day in an 8 oz glass of water for 30 days. For long-term results, book a custom flower essence consultation.

Ingredients: Brandy, distilled water, flower essence blend, structured water.


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