Ascension healing arts centerPerhaps one of the hardest forms of acceptance to learn is self-acceptance. One thing I wish for you to understand about acceptance is if you are having trouble feeling accepted by others or with judgment then you might consider looking at the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. So you may need to look at yourself. How are you with others? Are you judgmental or accepting of others? Are you judgmental or critical with yourself? How were your parents or guardians? We treat ourselves how our parents or caregivers treated us, until we become self-aware and work on our interpersonal relationship with ourselves. As part of our souls journey and development we must learn self-acceptance which will ultimately lead to self-love. Self-love and empowerment is the goal of ascension work. We must learn to love and accept ourselves as part of self-realization.

Self-realization is realizing who we truly are which is divine. We are each extensions of the divine mother/father God. Made in Gods image! Therefore we are lovable.
This is an interesting journey. A huge turning point is when we learn to accept our shadow side, that which is ego controlled by fear. As we accept all parts of ourselves we emerge from shadows into the light, the blissful light of love, that which is God self! The goal is to experience this state in the flesh. I have had short visits there and it is wonderful. As I grow in self-acceptance and shed the energy of judgment I look forward to maintaining this bliss of higher consciousness. And I greatly enjoy helping others on their journey!