Metro Detroit Spiritual Coaching - Ascension Support

Looking for Spiritual Healer Session?  All of Donna’s sessions incorporate spiritual life coaching. This coaching helps you process and make changes toward a positive new way of existing. The coaching usually includes the following:

  • Help with boundaries with people
  • Creating balance in your life work
  • Rest and play
  • Nutrition and Health Guidance
  • Dietary and Exercise Changes
  • Insights on events
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • and much more.

It provides balance and can include the creation of new hobbies and habits. Donna has a background and training in health and fitness, nutrition and exercise management and has much knowledge in these areas. Donna channels her advice and guidance for you in a session.

Donna herself often learns from the advice given. Therefore she uses her psychic abilities to answer any questions you may have as well! She has the ability to guide you through most situations both big and small. Typically people come to see Donna for guidance and advice or to make changes in their lives. They also come to heal from patterns in their lives that cause unhappiness. Donna is able to work with you step by step to release old patterns and create new ones which serve you better. Donna has learned most of her psychologic knowledge from what spirit has taught her from working with her clients and via her own healing and journey. (picture of a lotus flower)

What to expect in a session? As in all sessions, if in person you will lay on a massage table or sit in a chair. Donna will typically do Reiki on you while taking notes on what she picks up in your energy or sometimes people want to state what they need or want to work on. They may ask questions. Donna will ask these questions to her spirit guides and discuss with you the answers. If you are working on changing habits or bringing something new into your life or even trying to release something, or maybe all three, Donna will devise a step by step plan and help guide you through and support you as you put the plan into action. She always sends you home with notes.

Long distance she will do exactly the same thing only she taps into your energy field by thinking of you via your name and holding the intention of connection with you via your chakras, just as she does in person. The notes she writes will be sent within a week’s time to you via email. The notes are hand written by Donna and then scanned to you via email by her assistant. After a session people usually walk away relieved and inspired. In some cases there may be a layer of fear or doubt that needs to be worked on or a disempowering belief. Donna will help coach you and heal you through any resistance or blocks you may have.