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Ascension healing arts center

Andrea Gerard

Mindful Meditation

Andrea has always been a highly sensitive, and empathic person, feeling what others feel and picking up on the energy of the world around her. She was also always physically expressive and creative growing up, expressing herself through dance for 15 years of her life. Andrea always knew she had a calling, but struggled to find what it was that would allow her to use her natural gifts and give her a sense of fulfillment and purpose. It wasn’t until she went through her own struggles with mental health and substance use, that she was able to learn about herself and blossom into the woman she was meant to be.

Like the lotus flower, growing and blooming through the mud, Andrea began to use the healing practices
of yoga and meditation to help heal herself and eventually others as well. She realized that yoga had
the ability to connect her mind, body, and spirit once again, reconnecting herself to her heart and the world around her. She used meditation as a way to dive deeper into her spirituality and cultivate her
connection with the Spirit of the Universe. She now practices ashtanga, vinyasa, and yin yoga, as well as kriya yoga as her spiritual and meditation practice.

As she continued to learn and practice yoga and meditation, she earned her master’s degree in social
work, and obtained her limited license (LLMSW), working as a cognitive behavioral therapist and
specializing in mental health as well as substance use. She combines her natural gifts of empathy and
intuition, her learned clinical knowledge, and of course her life experiences, to help others on their journey of self-discovery and healing. She implements yin yoga, mindful movement and meditation into her therapeutic practices as healing modalities that go beyond regular talk therapy. Andrea believes that we need to take a holistic healing approach when working toward self-discovery and recovery, using techniques to unify our mind, body, and spirit, as so often the separation and disconnection between those parts of ourselves are the cause of our suffering.

Andrea continues to pursue her career as a therapist and now facilitates regular workshops that
incorporate mindful movement, guided meditation, and intuitive card readings that spark group or
individual discussions, and promote healing through connection with others and self-exploration.
Andrea wants to help you explore your inner world through movement and meditation, and walk with
you as you cultivate self-compassion and love through these practices on your healing journey.

Areas of Focus

  • Yoga

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