Charon Collier

Death Doula

Charon Collier founded The Good Death Experience, Death Doula, an End-of-Life Consultant and a Death Educator. She received her Death Doula Professional Certification from the University of Vermont. Charon is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and received her education at the National Holistic Institute in Sacramento, California. In addition, she attended Everflowing in San Francisco, California. There, she received training from Irene Smith, a pioneer in Touch Massage in Hospice.

Charon developed a passion for end-of-life care while volunteering with Hospice. For over a decade, she provided companionship, therapeutic massage to patients, and grief support to families. Her experience has driven her to advocate the importance of everyone striving for a good death experience.

The transition from hospice volunteer work to death doula work was natural for Charon. She recognized that incorporating the core fundamentals of being a doula has always been an inherent part of her identity. She weaves them into all aspects of her everyday existence. She has always been a death doula at heart.

As a natural leader, Charon is drawn toward making a significant difference in the lives of others. She strives to be present, compassionate, open-minded, and understanding of those on her path. She credits her journey from volunteer to death doula with reconnecting her with her true self and life path.

Healing Specializations

  • Death Doula: End-of-Life Support, Assist with Legacy Projects, Patient & Family Advocacy, and Death Doula Courses & Mentorship
  • End of Life Consulting: Evaluation Sessions, Advanced Planning, and Education & Awareness
  • Grief & Loss: Healing with Tarot Art and Visual Card Imagery and Heart Chakra Balancing with Distance Reiki & Energy Work
  • Spiritual Guidance: Intuitive Mediumship Readings and Tarot Card Readings

Areas of Focus

  • Death Support
  • End-of-Life
  • Grief & Loss
  • Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Mediumship


  • Death Doula Professional Certification, University of Vermont
  • End-of-Life Consultant, Licensed Life Insurance and Living Benefits
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, National Holistic Institute, Sacramento
  • Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Healer & Tarot Card Reader
  • A Phenomenological Approach for Addressing Loss & Longing Certificate, Portland Institute for Loss and Transition

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