Cindy Peters

Cindy Peters

Cindy has always been sensitive and intuitive, but at 19 she noticed crystals beginning to affect her energy, and started having dreams of life on other planets.  Her world truly changed!  She allowed these strange occurrences to teach her, and began to devour anything metaphysical.   Alongside studying herbs and nutrition, Cindy eventually found her herself pulled strongly to shamanism, so she answered the call by finding a teacher.  She was able to find a teacher in San Diego, CA and simultaneously complete her training in Holistic Health.  Upon returning to Michigan, Cindy decided to deepen her healing repertoire by taking the Healing Program at the Ascension Healing Arts Center and has now answered the call to aid others in their own healing.

It is Cindy’s mission to bring you and your life to a greater state of flow, and to help you integrate into the highest version of yourself.  She will help you trust and let go of what no longer serves you, and help you to step into the power you already possess.

In a session with Cindy, she guides you to your own sacred space, and allows you to feel your own sacredness.  Using her intuition and knowledge, Cindy allows the session to unfold into a completely unique healing every time.


Shamanic Healing
Ancestral Healing
Past Life Healing
Cord Cutting
Quantum Energy Upgrades