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Claire Nowinski

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Ever since she was a child, Claire has had a sensitivity to the world around her. Claire’s nickname as a child was “Sunshine” because she moved through life radiating and sharing her light. At a young age, Claire found herself engaging in spirituality by practicing yoga and meditation, meeting with psychics, reading oracle cards, and studying astrology to understand her inner world better. In 2016, Claire had her first experience with reiki while going through a dark period of her life. Claire was enlightened and transformed from this experience and was interested in learning the healing properties of reiki so she could provide it to herself and others. Claire has always had a deep connection to others and felt a calling to be of service to those in need.

While Claire earned her bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University, she volunteered at Ingham County Youth Center, where she facilitated art workshops with incarcerated youth. From this experience, Claire learned the healing powers of art and the importance of service. After graduating college, she continued her service to others by becoming an AmeriCorps member, where she served in a low-income community helping high school students navigate their future plans. While helping her students navigate their pathways, she discovered she wanted to pursue the path of a healer, so she applied to a graduate program for Art Therapy & Counseling and began enrolling in workshops at Ascension Healing Arts Center.

Claire has earned her certifications for reiki from Ascension Healing Arts Center and is a certified reiki master. While earning her reiki certifications, Claire was called to enroll in the Ascension Healing Arts Center healer program and became a certified healer. Today, Claire is a healer at Ascension Healing Arts Center and is earning her master’s degree in Art Therapy & Counseling. As a healer, Claire intends to help her clients through their spiritual and healing journeys by creating a safe space to navigate their subconscious minds and unlock their full potential.

Healing Specializations:

  • Reiki Healing<
  • Ascension Healing
  • Earth Healing
  • Womb Healing
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Meditative Art
  • Intuitive Reading
  • Chakra Reading


  • Reiki Healing (60 minute session) = $60
  • Meditative Art (60 minutes) = $80
  • Intuitive Reading (30 minutes) = $50
  • Chakra Reading (60 minutes) = $80
  • Specialized Healings (60 minutes) = $100
  • First-Time Healing (90 minutes) = $120


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