Darius Oliver

Creator of Divine Numerology Podcast

Ever since Darius was a child, he would notice patterns in numbers that fascinated him. When he discovered numerology in 2010, it changed his life forever. Since then, he has been helping hundreds of people from around the globe navigate the various life transitions that all humans experience.

In 2017, Darius created the Divine Numerology Podcast show and has since been revealing fantastic life hacks using the Divine Trifecta on several social media outlets. In 2018, Darius Appeared on famous psychic Joseph Earnest Martin’s Television show, “What Does the World Need to Know Right Now,” In which he discussed prominent highlights that would be taking place in the following years.

When the world shut down in 2020, Darius launched his Groundbreaking Divine Numerology Online Trade school to make the deeper Numerology secrets more widely known to broader audiences and to teach the practical application of this Sacred Science. In 2022, to assist homeowners,
renters, and people looking for housing, Darius decoded the Cosmic Blueprint for all 50 States of
America, all of the cities in his state of California, and all of the streets in the town where he lives, Mount Shasta. With this information, he has revealed the secret patterns of resonance that show harmony with a living space and its occupants.

With his 13 years of numerology experience, Darius has combined the use of Tarot and Vedic Astrology in his coined the Divine Trifecta to assist all who seek his guidance in finding greater clarity and meaning in their lives. In 2023, Darius partnered up with Ascension Healing Arts Center to make himself more accessible so that more people can experience the life results that can come from greater clarity.

Areas of Focus

  • Find Your Cosmic Blueprint
  • See A Year From Now
  • See The Rest Of Your Life
  • Fur Baby Readings
  • Pet Naming Services
  • Relationship Empowerment Readings
  • Business Numerology Consultation
  • Product/Service Recommendations
  • Branding
  • What's my Streetology?
  • Numero Cartography
  • Vedic Astrology Consultation
  • School/College Consultation
  • Restaurant Recommendations
  • Angel Number Readings
  • Real Estate Property Closing Analysis
  • Bereavement/Loss/Grief Management
  • Foot Reading

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