Janlia Riley

Founder of Heartful Living Today

About Janlia Riley

I am Janlia Riley, an intuitive energy healing practitioner, holistic health and wellness coach, and a mother of four. Growing up, I have always been intrigued about our human capabilities and believe that we have tremendous power within each of us to heal and thrive. This quest for answers and years of discovery through different experiences and practices allowed me to become an energy healer and teacher, my true calling.

My lifelong passion for personal power and ascension has helped me in my adult years to hear and
speak my truth, stand along with a higher purpose, and get past my suppressions and trauma. I love helping others worldwide transform themselves through clearing current conditions, past life, and current trauma and clearing issues for future generations. My energy healing approach is gentle, fast, and efficient. Along with my other coaching programs, I help my clients propel forward with systems and teachings that they can continue to implement for long-term growth and sustainability.

I live by the philosophy of living within pure LOVE. By overcoming my trauma, depression, and life challenges, I understood my agreement to spread love by remaining with positivity, continuing to concentrate my efforts through my heart energy, and helping more and more people heal by cleansing, clearing, and moving towards divinity with love through their heart energies.

What I Do And How I heal

I am naturally loving and enjoy meeting different people on my journey. I work with adults of all ages, children and babies, as well as pets and animals. Most energy healing sessions are done remotely by connecting with the client’s subconscious to tap into the vast knowledge and storage of truth. Energy healing works by clearing blockages that our subconscious identifies as the key issues to resolve during the time to heal areas that we may not even be aware of being the underlying cause. This works because we are all energy. Our physical selves and our thoughts and beliefs are all made of energy. Our energetic bodies are affected before our physical bodies; thus, often, by the time we feel the symptoms, our body has already gone through much trauma, and many body imbalances and misalignments need to be cleared and resolved. I believe that trauma happens many times in one’s lifetime and is not always tied to a vast or catastrophic event; therefore, we must all learn to heal ourselves and be aware of handling situations better daily.

Through the power of natural and quantum energy and by setting loving intentions, I have had the
opportunity to help people with emotional and mental health issues, concerns, and physical pain or symptoms. Some examples include digestive issues, chronic neck/back pains, other chronic joints/bone problems, immunity improvement, cognitive/memory and behavioral concerns, chronic pain or illness, brain function improvement, womb/fertility/gestational healing, help with love and relationship, trapped emotions, heart-wall clearing, generational/hereditary issues, organ functioning, clearing success/money/career blockages, addiction correction, mental clarity, alleviate stress/anxiety/depression, PTSD, allergies or eating disorders, confidence and voice clarity, abundance and happiness receiving, chakra healing, clearing toxins and pathogens, nutritional deficiency, circuitry functions, brain fog, etc.

Modalities of Healing

As an intuitive healer, I combine this ability with quantum healing using the modality of The Body Code (which also includes The Emotion Code) developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson of Discover Healing. The Body Code is based on the simple premise that the body is self-healing and knows what it needs to thrive and flourish by tapping into this inner knowing and finding imbalances in 6 key areas—Energies, Circuits and Systems, Toxicity, Nutrition and Lifestyle, Misalignments, and Pathogens are the root causes of our physical, mental, and emotional issues. Learning about energy, life, and personal power throughout my life, as well as other modalities, I combine this powerful approach to natural and whole-body healing with any needed protocols to maximize and enhance one’s innate healing power and well-being.

My loving clients have benefited from my passion and understanding for true manifestation and our heart’s energy power in healing, engaging, and transformative ways. I enjoy and surround myself with life leaders worldwide for applicable real-world teachings to continue sharing and passing on to my clients.

Healing Specializations

  • The Emotion Code
  • The Body Code
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Holisitc Health & Wellness Life Coaching
  • Sacred Heart Healing and Activation
  • Generational Healing
  • Chakra and Energy Bodies Realignment/Healing
  • Pets and Animals Healing
  • Babies/Children and Womb/Gestational Healing


Areas of Focus

  • Emotional and Mental Wellness - depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, mental blocks, clarity, ...
  • Behavioral Wellbeing - concentration, behavioral patterns, mental blockages, ...
  • Physical Health and Healing - back pain, neck pain, arthritis, headaches, aches, physical pains, immunity improvement, chronic illness, ...
  • Heart-Wall Release - clearing blockages for creativity, voice, love, relationships, and success, ...
  • Past-Life and Generational Healing - past-life trauma, current generational healing, childhood trauma, future life or generation healing, ...

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