Julia Turner-Qi

Julia at the core of her is a joy bringer, this is the title that spirit has given her.  She does this in a variety of ways.  She reads tarot cards in a unique fashion that is all her own.  She is a very talented intuitive and she uses this to help heal using reiki.  Her approach is to tap into a person’s energy, read if there are any issues and try to work with them to pinpoint where the issue is stemming and spirit guides her to give recommendations to improve their lives and health.

Previously, she worked as a birth doula for 15 years bringing a joyful experience to the sacred event of birth.  Always striving to find new ways to calm and entertain her birthing clients, she started asking if they wanted their cards read during early labor.  The clients loved this and soon they were asking for tarot card readings more than requesting her for births.  Believing that it is best to go with the flow and utilizing her new skill set from getting reiki training with Donna, Julia soon opened her own office in Ferndale where she did both card readings and reiki energy healing.

Flowing with life once again, she moved to Florida to start a new path with her life partner and her three daughters.  While in Florida she has also added singing to her rapport.  Julia sang for assisted living facilities before our world changed and that was no longer an option.  She has flowed into leading singing circles at a healilng studio in Florida called NiaVanna Healling Studio.  She is currently working with Donna to create music that will uplift and heal.

Coming soon will be her radio show called Woo Ahhh LaLaLa, where she will use all of her gifts and accumulated knowledge to talk about Spirituality, Sexuality and bring it all together with some music.  She is a beautiful hotch-potch of gifts and she loves to use them to raise the vibration of this world and maybe even your personal life.

  • Online tarot card reading $60
    I draw a series of 7 cards that work in an order to tell a story of what is happening in your life. I take photos of the cards for you and I read you the interpretation and how this pertains to you. This is done most easily using Facebook Messenger, but if you don’t have that, it can be done via email.
  • Distance Energy Healing using Reiki $100
    First I will have a short talk with you via telephone or messenger. I tap into your voice to read your energy. I tune into your energy and cycle through your chakras to provide you with a reading of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I will then provide you with a written report of what I see. This is a comprehensive report and if spirit provides me with specific recommendations, those will be included.
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