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I graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in 2009. While there I studied various table modalities, Thai massage, and various energy techniques including Reiki.
The table modalities are largely therapeutic. Including; sports, medical, myofascial release, cranial sacral, relaxation, Swedish, and deep tissue. While Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor, the client is dressed as if for a yoga class. Then a variety of stretches, pressure from hands and feet, and other moves are used for a restoring session. Thai massage can be like Thai food, light pressure or spicy, whichever fits the situation.
My energy work started before going to massage school but that was the first official training. I use Reiki, shiatsu, and a bit of focused intention. More recently I started studying sound therapy at Sacred Wave Gong Immersion in clawson mi. I have found that using gongs, singing bowls, and drums are power meditation and self realization tools. Playing sacred instruments (or in a sacred context) can put us in touch with what we need at the time. Sound is a powerful tool to remove blocks of all sorts and enable us to heal ourselves. Astounding things can happen in these altered states, know thyself and be free!
I have also studied and continue to study many forms of meditation. This is an essential tool we should be taught as infants. Through different techniques like chanting, silent, and moving meditations one can learn to move through life with more ease, grace, and gratitude.

Healing Specializations:

  • Myomassologist
  • Reiki practitioner
  • Mover of Dense Energy
  • Sound therapy practitioner
  • Gong enthusiast


  • 1 hour table massage 75.00
  • 1 1/2 hour Thai massage 110.00
  • 1 hour gong immersion
    • Up to 4 people 180.00 over 4 people 45.00 per person
  • House clearing/blessing¬† 150.00


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