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Karen Hauserman

Karen is an intuitive empath and mind, body and spirit practitioner in both holistic and allied health. Her multifaceted methodologies involve non-invasive, root-cause strategies that enable whole-body healing via the nervous system through the feet, therapeutic devices and manipulations to improve biomechanical function of the feet, mindfulness and behavioral thought pattern training, and coaching for dietary and lifestyle changes. Each of her clients’ sessions are personalized with the goal of reducing stress, relieving pain, recognizing and eradicating negative thought patterns, strengthening emotional balance, manifesting inner peace, embracing harmony with the environment, enabling physical and physiological healing, and achieving homeostasis for sustainable health.  From an early age Karen knew she was different from her peers and even her family. Neuroscience, neurology, psychology, and spirituality were fascinating to her. But then, so was human form and function as a whole. However, it was her awareness of human complexity as it related to the correlation between the human brain, mind and spiritual consciousness that led her to seek out the holistic and natural world. And soon after graduating high school she became certified in myomassology, where she practiced for many years. Unfortunately her mind was still in a battle with the physical world and her familial upbringing, and after starting a family she not only gained a lot more weight but ventured down a path that would later prove unworthy of her soul purpose and detrimental to her health and spirit.  After years of poor dietary and lifestyle choices as well as occupational stress, parenthood responsibilities, and academic demands Karen lost herself and her needs which caused her health to suffer and her transition from being obese to morbidly obese took a dramatic toll on her body and being, which eventually led to a heart attack in her early 40s (late 2010). Fortunately for her, that heart attack not only saved her life but led her back to her holistic and spiritual roots.  And therefore, it was on January 1, 2011 that Karen began the first day of the rest of her life. Little did she realize; however, how dramatically powerful this journey would be. The shift in consciousness and functional change was gradual, but the process was intentional and seemed to come naturally as her research and the universe revealed almost effortlessly the exact steps she needed to take to win back her health and life. And in two years, she had created and successfully executed a dietary and lifestyle program that enabled her to lose 268 pounds, greater than 100 inches from her body, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid autoimmunity and more. She even improved her eyesight. And after 12 years and counting, not only is she sustainable but she’s reversing the aging process.**  Currently Karen is a certified pedorthist, certified reflexologist, and a holistic polarity wellness and lifestyle coach with raw-food certification. She is also studying epigenetics and nutrigenomics, as well as certification as a cognitive behavioral therapy life coach. And she also plans to take additional certifications in holistic nutrition and wellness. Healing Modalities
  • Pedorthic (Foot and Ankle) Alignment and Therapeutic Healing
  • Orthotic Bracing – Whole Body Trauma and Injury Healing
  • Reflexology and Foot Massage Therapy – Nervous System and Musculoskeletal Healing
  • Polarity Therapy – Energetic Mind/Body/Spirit Healing 
  • Holistic Wellness and Weight Loss Lifestyle Education and Healing (Focus on Organic, Raw, Plants and Superfoods
Healing Intentions
  • Biomechanical Correction, Physical Manipulation and Support for Congenital Anomalies, Acquired Deformities, and Physical Injury and Recovery
  • Pain Relief, Stress Reduction and Management, and Whole-Body Intrinsic Healing
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Awareness and Behavioral Thought-Pattern Training
  • Illness and Disease Prevention and Reversal through Root Cause Focused Strategies
  • Homeostasis Achievement and Longevity Training – Anti-aging
  • Food as Medicine and Sustainable Healthcare
  • Environmental Healthcare Strategies
  • Self Love and Self Care with Yoga Stretching and Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Law of Attraction and Manifestation
  • Emotional Healing and Letting Go of Toxic Relationships
  • Recognizing, Retrieving, and Releasing Past Traumas Trapped in the Subconscious Mind
Educational Training, Degrees And Certifications
  • Myomassology Certification – Irene Gauthier
  • AAS in Orthotics and Prosthetics with Minors in Clinical Health Science and Psychology – Baker College
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy Training – Baker College
  • Board-Certification in Pedorthics – Academy of Pedorthic Science
  • BAS with Minors in Healthcare Administration and Philosophy – University of Michigan
  • MBA in Healthcare Management – Florida Institute of Technology
  • Raw Food Certification – David Wolfe
Self-Taught Strategies and Outcome
  • Sustainable, Holistic Wellness Overhaul and Major Weight Loss Achievement**
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Practice and Yoga Stretching/Meditation
  • Holistic and Plant-Exclusive Nutrition and Lifestyle Practice for Sustainable Health
  • How to Live Simply and Minimally on an Extremely Low Income
  • Mastering Health in Homelessness
  • Label Reading and Organic Shopping on a Strict Budget
  •  Reflexology with Energy Balancing – $100/60 Minutes OR $150/90 Minutes
  • Reflexology with Energy and Polarity Basic – $150/90 Minutes OR $200/120 Minutes
  • Reflexology with Polarity and Pedorthic Assess – $150/90 Minutes OR $250/120 Minutes
  • Hot Aroma Towels – $50/25 Minutes
  • Foot Smoothies with Optional Foot Massage – $65/80 for 30/45 Minutes
  • Meditation/Mindfulness/Yoga Stretching – $75/50 Minutes
* Scheduling and payment for Karen’s services are made directly through Planted4Change Additional Information and Scheduling Requests Planted4Change Business Phone: 586.788.7879

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