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Kaytee Dempster

Since a young age, Kaytee had been competitive and physically active through dance, cheerleading, and softball. It wasn’t until she discovered yoga in 2014 that Kaytee realized she was competing with the outside world when it was herself; she needed to compete. She discovered through practicing ashtanga, vinyasa flow, yin, and Vipassana meditation she desired to dive deeper into her practice. To do so, she trained with Jonny Kest LifePower teacher training. After learning more about these ancient healing methods, she knew she wanted to share yoga with others.

What she hopes to bring to her classes is the very thing she has always loved about a yoga class: creating a sacred place for healing physically, mentally, and spiritually which is challenging yet playful. She wants students to experience something new, whether it is conquering the fear of a handstand or not thinking about the world off their yoga mat. She loves when students become empowered by finding their inner strength. After a certain point in our lives, we stop challenging ourselves, we stop allowing ourselves to explore outside of our comfort zone. She wants students to have fun and offer themselves guilt-free attention and self-love, which is often quite lacking in our lives. An additional benefit of this mindful physical practice is students will likely start to work through some emotional blockages and possibly gain some mental clarity and insight without even trying, knowing, or intending to! She hopes to be a vessel that will support her students down a path to becoming their most authentic selves.


Healing Specializations

  • Deep Flow Yoga
  • Restore & Release
  • Empower Flow

Areas of Focus

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Yin Yoga
  • Vipassana Meditation



  • Private Class- Starting at $75: A rewarding way to meet your personal needs. Whether your goals are physical, emotional, or spiritual- with a private guide, you can deepen your physical practice, increase your confidence, and receive personalized support tailored to your individual needs.
  • Couples Class-Starting at $75: Connect with your partner through a specialized private yoga class that’s designed to meet your specific needs. Relationships thrive on deep connections, and what better way to do so than healing side by side?
  • Semi-Private/Group Yoga Class- Starting at $150: Elevate your next corporate event by adding a yoga or meditation class. This has been proven to improve concentration and reduce stress levels.
  • Bridal Shower Yoga: Starting at $150: Pamper the bride-to-be with a personalized yoga class perfect for the entire group. Wedding day bookings are available as well.
  • Bachelorette Party Yoga: Starting at $150: Give the bride something fun to do on her bachelorette party weekend that will help relieve pre-wedding stress.
  • Baby Shower Yoga: Starting at $150: Connecting mind, belly, and soul- perfect for the soon-to-be mama who hasn’t let her pregnancy stop her from her practice!
  • Prenatal Class-Starting at $75: Intended to support mothers-to-be on their pregnancy journeys, from conception all the way to birth. Practice encouraging gentle movements, which helps supports back care and meditations to connect with your baby.


More Info

Private Class Locations: Ascension Healing Arts Center, your own home, business, event space, outdoors, or virtually 

Please email to inquire about your private or group needs to build your customized class.

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