Marjorie Wekwert

As a young child, Marj often wondered what her purpose was and why did God create her, she knew everyone had a purpose. She knew God used angels to protect her and the angels were always around her. Marj also knew that people were placed in her life to help teach her lessons, so she could learn. Marj never knew what her purpose was.  It took a family tragedy to nudge her to Nashville where she met a soul coach and her soul tribe. They helped her along this journey of finding her higher self.  She started to understand that nudges were God’s way of communicating with her. During the journey of finding her higher self, she was then nudged to grow and learn spirituality.

Marj was then led to Ascension Healing Arts Center by listening to her gut and signing up for Donna Lake’s Ascension Healing Program.  Realizing halfway through the program, she knew she was exactly where she wanted to be. It just felt right. Marj was enjoying the journey and realized she wanted to help other people; the ways she was being helped.

As a graduate of the Healer Program, Marj was able to grow in the ability to channel a spirit and help others using Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Inner Child Healing, and more. Marj is currently a student teacher at the center, where she is excited to be able to help and support all the students.


For many years, Marj was in a dark space. She did not always love herself and was constantly judging and shaming herself. She allowed other people to take advantage of her because she felt no self-worth. Now she can have boundaries and act in her best interest.

Through healing, Marj has learned that loving self should be the #1 priority. Marj has been learning to forgive herself, learning self-worth, how to have confidence, and the importance of putting up boundaries. She learned her “mistakes” were actually lessons that she needed to learn.

Finding time for self-care, can help with finding inner peace, help to live in the present, and control emotions. Without the Donna Lakes Healer program, Marj would not have become the best version of herself

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