Michael Allison

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Michael always knew he was destined to help those in need. Since he was little, he always knew he could rely on his intuition as his intuitive powers were always right. He has always been fascinated with energy, astrology, herbal medicine and the supernatural and always wanted to do something with the gifts he was born with. But what? And when? It wasn’t until COVID-19 that Michael decided to change the course of his life.

He worked in the beauty industry for 20 years working for some of the largest brands in the world such as Chanel, La Prairie, Natura Bisse, and much more. This was all wonderful until the industry became more and more demanding and the stress from hitting unachievable sales goals became too much to bear in the long term. Then COVID-19 swept the world and as we were all forced to isolate Michael decided to study and change the direction if his life purpose.

Michael started mastering and obtaining certification with Bach Flower Remedies and this cascaded into learning about flower essences from all over the world including the USA, (including Alaska & Hawaii), the UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and Chile. By learning about flower essence from all over the globe Michael is now able to provide outstanding results for his clients. He is also able to work with children and animals!

What are flower essences? Flower Essences are the spirit of the plant that has a corresponding emotion attached to it that can assist us with any type of emotional distress. They help us see the other side of things and can help teach us to better handle situations and to guide us in the right direction. They are custom mixed by Michael at the consultation and are to be taken as a supplement a few times a day. Typical therapy is between 3-6 months but can certainly be long-term depending on the needs of the client.

Since then, Michael has obtained licenses in Life Coaching, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing Services, Reiki, Energy Healing, Aroma Point Therapy, Aroma Point Reiki, and Sound Touch Healing.

Book a session with Michael to discover what the power of nature has to offer you!!! Stay tuned because more services are on the way!!


Healing Specializations:

  • Life Coaching
  • Aroma Point Therapy
  • Aroma Point Reiki
  • Floral Acupuncture
  • Floral Acupuncture Intensive
  • Floral Mapping
  • Sound Touch Therapy
  • Crystal Healing Bodywork
  • Flower Essence Consultation


Life Coaching $75 for 60 minutes

Aroma Point Therapy $65 for 45 minutes

Aroma Point Reiki $65 for 45 minutes

Floral Acupuncture $65 for 45 minutes

Floral Mapping $65

Sound Touch Therapy $65 for 30 minutes

Crystal Healing $65 for 45 minutes

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